5 important things to keep in mind while buying a new residential property

5 important things to keep in mind while buying a new residential property

Buying a new house is one of the most crucial decisions of your life and can be considered as a milestone achievement. It is the idea you have been nurturing since a good number of months. Being a capital-intensive investment, years of saving and financial planning goes into it. Hence it is important to cover all your bases rather than just taking an emotional plunge.

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5 Reasons why now is the time to invest in Real Estate with Ashwin Sheth Group’s #RaintrestingDeals

As we look out of our windows, the city that lay quiet seems to be cautiously rising again.
Adapting to the new normal and adjusting to the safety protocols, Mumbai is resuming its activities. 

Naturally, there is an uncertainty of the future as we reel from the Coronavirus crisis along with the world at large. 

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Vastu Do’s and Don’ts for Your Home

An ancient secret of the Indians, the science of Vastu Shastra has guided us towards better homes since generations. When it comes to our humble abodes, we often want to design them in our own unique way as well as fill them with lots of good vibes. We at Ashwin Sheth Group have created a general guide to Vastu which aids you in planning your ideal home.

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5 Amazing Monsoon Flat Decoration Ideas for 2020

The love affair we have with the monsoon is intrinsically strong. We might complain about the water-logging, the mustiness, and pretty umbrellas turning turtle on us. But let’s face it. When the fat water drops fall on our amazed faces, we fall in love with rain beneath the dark clouds.

The rains too return our affections with vigour by inspiring us as little else does. From writing romantic poems and painting beautiful scenes to creating our own music – it has often filled us with fresh ideas to make new things happen! Monsoon has always inspired the positive and bright side of all things, so why leave your home behind?

Instead of sitting around and feeling the monsoon blues, we’ve created the perfect home decor guide for you to wake up and get inspired again! So, get ready to spruce up your home furnishings with these 1 BHK flat decoration ideas without burning a deep hole in your pocket.

Show Off the Greens

It is time to utilize those empty colourful booze bottles, unused vases, perfume bottles to decorate your window sills and balconies. These colourful bottles are perfect for planting beautiful flowers like lilies, tulips, jasmine and hibiscus!

Place these plants in all your open to sky areas like balconies, verandahs, and terraces. You can even bring them inside and plant all across your home to get some natural and fresh fragrance to beat the overpowering mustiness of rains. Plus, it also adds lots of vibrant colour to your house!

To elevate the level of oxygen within your home, you can also get some monsoon plants such as Syngonium plant, Fern Morpankhi, Red Live plant and so on. You can place these beauties in your living room to add some greens and an element of natural beauty, artistic value, and vividness to the decor.

Alternatively, you can place them in your bedroom too to enjoy the sniff of freshness every now and then.

Pro-tip – Plant them in colourful ceramic pots and glass vases to elevate the look of your interiors.

Monsoon Flat Decoration Idea - Balcony

Pleasant Tinkling of Wind Chimes

As the cuddle of cool monsoon breeze teases and refreshes your senses, you can enjoy the gentle tinkle of wind chimes. It’s an absolute pleasure to hear the magic sound that these create every time the breeze comes along.

Moreover, it’s believed that wind chimes help to attract positive energy. The gentle tinkling sound that emanates from it helps the positive energy to linger on and meander into your space, thereby attracting prosperity.

You can hang the chimes on the window sill or string them along the balcony roof. Bamboo wind chimes are ideal for balcony whereas chimes made of metal and wood are best for windows and open verandah.

If you want to showcase your creativity, you can even try your hand to create a DIY wind chime using decorative rope, beads, bells and other such attractive and quirky materials.

Pro-tip – To enhance good energies, ensure that the wind chimes have 6 or 8 hollow rods.

Monsoon Flat Decoration Idea  Wind Chimes

Add a Pop of Colour

When the skies are grey with flashes of silver thunder, chances are that indoors also tend to look gloomy. To beat this gloominess, you can easily brighten up your home by bringing in shades of fresh pinks, lemon yellows, light blues, and vibrant oranges!

Change the cushion covers, bedsheets and curtains to a brighter colour and see your home transform into a fresh and happy abode, lifting your spirits immediately.

Also remember that floral upholstery is timeless and looks gorgeous, whatever print and look you choose. You can spruce up your living room by having floral sofa covers, have a cosier bedroom with contrasting floral bedsheets and curtains, and the dining room by having floral chair covers.

With the changing season, you too need to change the curtains. Go for curtains that are made of light fabric such as lace curtains. It allows sunlight to seep in and keep your home airy and cheerful.

Pro-tip – Floral prints rule the world. Don’t hesitate to use them.

Monsoon 1 BHK Flat Decoration Idea - Colours

Dry Your Damps in Style

Every rainy season we love to flaunt and use our colourful umbrellas, but they also leave a trail of water near the door or at times across the home when we enter with dripping umbrellas and coats. So, to ensure that your home remains dry and fresh throughout the season, invest in a good umbrella stand and in some high absorbent floor mats.

You can also use a large vase or a bamboo basket as a stand to dry your umbrellas. Or have a nice wooden rack with hooks that can double up as an umbrella stand and a place to hang dripping raincoats.

It is also advisable to place the floor mats outside the main door. Keep in mind to buy a darker coloured one as it will camouflage the dirt and mud that comes along and even save you the trouble of cleaning it frequently.

Pro-tip ” Placing colourful umbrellas can aid in brightening up your home decor.

Monsoon Flat Decoration Idea Umbrella Stand

Keep the Smell at Bay

It is important to improve the despondent mood while you are housebound due to rain. For that, you can place packet air fresheners in and around the corners of your home. However, it is advisable to have lightly scented candles. The sweet aroma wafting in the air can magically improve your mood and eliminate the foul odour.

Place the scented candles on decorative stands to brighten up the dinner table or to create a warm and cosy environment in your bedroom. It will not only lift your spirits but also add a dash of elegance to your home decoration.

Another option is to flex your potpourri skills. Have a nice range of oils such as eucalyptus, oregano, tea tree, lavender etc. for a refreshing and rejuvenating aroma in your home.

You can even whip up a quick DIY by drying out some flowers, adding these essential oils and bottling them all up for a week or two. Voila – Your potpourri is ready to use whenever you want!

Pro-tip ” Your choice of fragrance is like your olfactory signature which your guests will remember for a long time. So, choose your fragrances wisely.

Monsoon 1 BHK Flat Decoration Idea - Candles

These are some simple ways in which we at Ashwin Sheth Group feel you can spruce up your home decoration and enjoy the monsoon. So, take advantage of this guide and the pouring rains to apply these home decor ideas and enjoy creating a fun environment for yourself.