Top 3 Residential Hubs with Upcoming Projects in Mumbai

Dream homes require a lot more than solid foundations! A house also needs to be in the right surroundings for a family to flourish well in the city. Right from checking for good roads to nearby schools and even the air quality – many have embarked on this hunt for the prospective locale to find the perfect home in the city of dreams. Read more “Top 3 Residential Hubs with Upcoming Projects in Mumbai”


Why Mulund is an upcoming residential hub

With a steadily rising price appreciation over the years – it’s no wonder that Mulund has become an excellent residential hub in the last decade! Due to its open green spaces, nearby hills, and posh localities – this suburb has gained immense popularity among home buyers. So, read ahead as we give you a list of reasons why this is one of the top residential suburbs and which new constructions in Mulund would be a fabulous choice for a home buyer. 

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6 Colour and Interior Design Trends That Will Rule in 2021

The past year has taught us to truly value our homes, in a way that was quite unimaginable before! With the beginning of 2021 infusing us with fresh energy and new perspectives – it is now the right time to give your home a fresh makeover. And we are here with some of the top interior design ideas, predicted to be an instant hit in the coming year. So, read ahead to stay inspired and create something beautiful with these design trends.

A top trend that emerged out of staying cooped up at home last year is that most of us developed a passion for long-lasting and sustainable things. The word ‘Eco-friendly’ is now the new in – finally peeking out of societal fringes to emerge as the top priority in much of home design. So, this is the right year to do away with plastic, buy artisanal furniture, and support homegrown brands. As you read further, you may see that most of these upcoming design trends gladly champion this cause. Read more “6 Colour and Interior Design Trends That Will Rule in 2021”


12 Home Decor Ideas to Give a Vintage Feel to Your House Interiors

One of the things that attracts me to vintage and antique things is they have stories, and even if I don’t know the stories, I make them up. – Mary Kay Andrews

Do the above words resonate too well with you? If your gaze wanders frequently towards pretty lace lampshades or antique furniture from a bygone era that tells a unique story – you’re a lover of the vintage style alright! Being vintage is not a mere aesthetic, but it is also about the joy of celebrating lived histories through the timeless things we choose to display in our homes. So, read ahead as we give you some fabulous home decor ideas that will infuse an old-world elegance and vintage feel into your modern home. 
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Top 10 Festival Decoration Ideas to Give a Contrasting Feel to Your Home

Some spaces have a visually striking effect on us, right at first glance. By playing with light, colour, and texture – these elegant spaces are designed beautifully to leave a lasting impression on us. So what’s the secret to such unique interior designing? It’s the technique of creating contrast, which instantly brightens up a room and leaves its memory in our minds long after we’ve left it. Read more “Top 10 Festival Decoration Ideas to Give a Contrasting Feel to Your Home”


Reasons Why You Should Invest In Projects In Mulund

A haven of green spaces and skyscrapers, the real estate scene in Mulund is a world apart from the rest of Mumbai. Built near the foothills of the Sanjay Gandhi National Park, this locale offers you an incredible social infrastructure that looks out towards the hills. Rightly termed the ‘Prince of the Suburbs’ – here is a luxurious vicinity that offers you a way to chase your goals, while you enjoy the beautiful green vistas that nature has laid out for you in plain view! Read more “Reasons Why You Should Invest In Projects In Mulund”


Buying or Leasing Office Space: Know Which is Better for You

A sleek and functional office space allows your business to reach new and greater heights. But how to decide on the perfect place that will give wings to your business? We all know that entrepreneurs are often known to struggle with the question of buying v/s rentingan office space. So, read ahead as we weigh out the pros of each, and hopefully solve this headache for you.

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Quick and Easy Tips for Dussehra Home Décor 2020

Whether it’s the legend of Maa Durga putting an end to Mahishasura or Lord Ram’s victory over Ravana – Dusshera speaks of a spectacular time when light triumphs over darkness. Just as these deities are said to have purified the world and restored peace, we strive to live by their ideals and cleanse our homes to create new beginnings.

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What Is Indian Modernism?

We are all drawn to spaces designed with care, spaces that balance art and paint to appeal to the senses. When it comes to striking this balance, modern Indian homes tend to stand out even more spectacularly due to our diverse ethnicities. As ‘a people’ who have previously lived in affluent Mahals throughout centuries, we now aspire to recreate a part of that cultural beauty in our own contemporary homes – all with Indian Modernism. So let’s look at what modern Indian home interiors are all about!

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