5 Benefits of Investing in a Commercial Property in Thane

Office space in thane

Located in the northeast of Mumbai, Thane is emerging as one of the ideal destinations for real estate developers to construct commercial and residential projects. In the past few years, this uptown locality has witnessed rapid growth in public infrastructure from the government, while a few projects are in the pipeline. With a growing number of infrastructural projects, Thane is offering an excellent liveable environment to people.

Moreover, the seamless road and railway connectivity from Thane to the other parts of Mumbai and Navi Mumbai is making commuting easier for people.

The entertainment options have increased in Thane with many lavish malls. Viviana Mall, Lake City Mall, and Korum Mall are some famous malls in Thane. These malls not only have shopping centers, coffee shops, and eateries but also offer gaming zones, salons, movie theaters, and much more.

With more and more businesses emerging in Thane, there is a growing demand for office and business spaces. Considering the superfast connectivity, futuristic infrastructure, and new opportunities, it makes sense to invest in commercial property in Thane that will see capital appreciation in the coming years, offering investors superb returns on their investment.

Ashwin Sheth Group is developing Sheth Cnergy, a premium commercial property in Thane. This 12-floor commercial property integrates state-of-the-art office spaces to create an inspiring work environment for businesses and employees. With impressive architecture and thoughtfully planned, the office spaces at Sheth Cnergy are perfect for corporates, large enterprises, small companies, startups, and independent professionals.

Commercial property is an asset that is worth investing in. Here are some top benefits of Investing in a Commercial Property in Thane.

Investing in commercial property in Thane ensures steady cash flow

Commercial property like Sheth Cnergy in Thane can generate higher income than shares, stocks, and other bonds. With stable cash flow, investors don’t have to worry when the financial market is volatile because the real estate market doesn’t get affected directly due to a dull financial market.

Investing in commercial property in Thane lets you build substantial equity


Equity is the amount of value an investor has built up on a property over a period of time. Investing in a commercial property like Sheth Cnergy allows investors to build equity quickly. Thanks to the steady and relatively high returns that commercial property yields. Investors can get significant benefits as the property appreciates in value.

Investing in commercial property in Thane provides excellent appreciation value

History suggests that real estate has given an average of 8% returns and can go up to 15% or more because of rising rentals. Therefore, choosing the right commercial property like Sheth Cnergy makes sense as it can offer excellent appreciation value in the future.

Investing in commercial property in Thane is a secure investment

Buying a commercial property in the right location is the most profitable investment. Sheth Cnergy is situated on Thane’s Platinum Belt, which ensures excellent connectivity with road and rail services. This commercial property is easy to reach from the Eastern and Western Suburbs of Mumbai and Navi Mumbai. Furthermore, Sheth Cnergy is situated in close proximity to major places of importance like banks, hospitals, shopping centres that can be accessed in a short duration.

Investing in commercial property in Thane offers lucrative tax benefits

There are a bunch of tax benefits of investing in commercial property. When you invest your money in stocks or bonds, you have to put aside a part of your income to pay capital gain taxes. However, capital gains can be reduced or completely avoided with commercial real estate investment.

Investing in a commercial property in Thane is a profitable venture as it helps investors build their wealth. Those looking to diversify their wealth portfolio and earn higher returns can consider investing in Sheth Cnergy.

This commercial property offers beautifully designed workspaces that provide great ambience and features like terrace gardens with adequate sit-out space, a grand cafeteria, high-speed elevators, parking space, 24×7 security surveillance, power backup for designated areas, and much more.

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