5 Low-Cost Simple POP Designs for Home

The new year gives every household a reason to decorate their homes even though there is none needed, am I right?.

Some restructure their furniture while others purchase new items. Some may decorate their home with new ornaments while others may create DIYs with their old decor.

Ashwin Sheth Group brings to you Plaster of Paris (POP) Designs for your home. As a material, POP is extremely malleable. Due to its flexible quality, these are used to create alluring false ceilings for your home. This not only adds an element of beauty to your space but also allows you to set the ambience of that particular room.

Towards the end of this blog, you will have learnt new ideas and low cost designs, made using POP, to give your home an exclusive look:

Living Room-

The first place you see when you enter home is your living room and that is reason enough for it to look and feel exquisite. A false ceiling made out of POP will add grandeur to your space and will ensure a delightful welcome to all your guests. This multi-layered false ceiling with lights will enable you to set the desired feel and ambiance of the living room.

Bed Room-

A luxurious look to your bedroom enables you to enjoy the time spent in there. A bedroom must be designed to provide a cosy and comfortable environment. This is made possible by not just the lighting and choice of furniture but the ceiling too. This two layered POP ceiling design ensures the presence of soothing lighting and an opulent look.


Relax, refresh, rejuvenate- this is the motto that should be followed while designing your bathroom. It is the first place to enter when you wake up in the morning as well as the last place you visit before going to bed at night. Hence, the decor and lighting in this room has to be perfect and this POP design will help you achieve that with ease.


The kitchen is one such room that is required to be completely lit up. A false ceiling in the kitchen will allow you to add more lights in the room while ensuring that they are soothing and do not hurt the eye. This is an excellent false ceiling for a kitchen that will ensure that you can see everything clearly at all times as well as aid in creating an environment that will urge you to prepare delicious meals for yourself and your family.

Puja Room-

Every house that has a puja room ensures that it is the most spectacular of all. Decorated with ornaments, lights, candles, and flowers, this room can be designed to look perfect with a simple POP false ceiling. This design is appropriate for a puja room as it perfectly matches the purpose of the room.

If you are looking to renovate or decorate your home, this article will help you understand the right designs that you should consider for your ceilings to ensure perfect lighting and an elegant look.

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