5 reasons to choose Sheth Cnergy as your next commercial investment

Commercial real estate is one such industry in the Indian market that is currently witnessing consistent growth. Commercial properties play a vital role in carrying out business operations smoothly. Investing in a commercial property is a profitable venture as it helps investors build their wealth. Those looking to diversify their wealth portfolio and earn higher returns can consider investing in Sheth Cnergy,a commercial property by Ashwin Sheth Group.

Sheth Cnergy is a premium commercial property in Thane that integrates state-of-the-art office spaces to create an inspiring work environment for businesses and its employees. From impressive architecture to high-end amenities, this commercial building has everything to ensure this turns into a bustling new centre of trade and commerce.

Here are the five reasons that make Sheth Cnergy worth the investment:

  • Ultra-modern business complex

Sheth Cnergy is a 12-storey commercial building designed to provide numerous office spaces under one roof. From start-ups to corporate companies, this building has office spaces to match everyone’s aspirations and provides maximum comfort while ensuring a great ambience for employees to help them stay productive at work.

The expansive frontage of Sheth Cnergy enables the presence of natural light that brightens up the workspaces. This natural daylight can elevate energy and boost moods. The magnificent large glass windows provide an unobstructed view of the cityscape that enables people to build a deeper connection with their surroundings.

  • Convenient location that is accessible

Sheth Cnergy in Thane West is situated in a convenient location that ensures great connectivity. This commercial building is easy to reach from the Eastern and Western Suburbs of Mumbai as well as from Navi Mumbai. There are regular trains and buses from Thane to all the major cities across Mumbai. Furthermore, Sheth Cnergy is situated in close proximity to important locations that can be accessed at a short duration.

  • Grand cafeteria to relax

The grand cafeteria of Sheth Cnergy provides a perfect setting for a brainstorming session and casual business meetings. In the Harvard Business Review, Yahoo Human Resource Chief cited that some of the best decisions and insights come from hallway and cafeteria discussions. Sheth Cnergy’s cafeteria is a space where people would love to eat, meet, converse, interact and socialise.

  • Terrace gardens to relieve stress

Sheth Cnergy has terrace gardens on every third floor from the ground floor, aiming to create natural green spaces within the building. These terrace gardens with adequate sit out spaces provide picturesque and soothing sights. Whether it is a leisurely walk after lunch or an evening hangout with your colleagues, these terrace gardens create a pleasant ambience for everyone to let them steam off and revitalize their mind.

  • 24×7 security surveillance for maximum protection

Sheth Cnergy’s 24X7 security systems provide an uncompromised secure environment to people and businesses. CCTV cameras, advanced smoke detectors, power backup, and fire safety systems in this commercial building ensure maximum safety on all levels.

Investing in a commercial property like Sheth Cnergy can be a profitable venture for investors as it will always give the best returns. This 12-storey commercial building is an ultimate corporate cult located in a premium location with impressive architecture, wide frontage, sprawling spaces and new generation features.

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