8 interior design tips that give an elegant look to your home

At some point or another, we’ve all yearned for the perfect image of immaculately designed homes featured in the pages of a home decor editorial magazine. But with hectic jobs, kids running around, and stuff piling up – is it even possible to maintain such a grand and elegant home all the time?

Well, we’re here to tell you that it is totally possible if you apply the right design secrets to your home decor! Here are a few fundamental interior design tips and tricks which will transform your modern home interiors into an Instagram worthy shot forever.

Play Well with Lighting

When it comes to lighting, natural light can be your best friend in setting up an airy and elegant mood in your home. So, pay attention to how the sunlight enters and falls on various spots in your home, and then set the decor accordingly. It can be something as simple as hanging a pair of sheer white curtains by the window, which pleasantly let in the diffused light during lazy afternoons.

As for setting those beautiful night moods – opt for pieces such as a vintage lamp, chandelier, or even wired cage lights. Even a simple Edison bulb when placed in the right space, will play with shadows and moods with its warm light to create the desired effect in your home.

Hang Drapes from Ceiling to Floor

Drapes, when used well bring out the spaciousness of your room. A trick is to hang these from the highest point from your ceiling all the way till they touch the floor! This draws attention to the height of the room, giving an illusion of even more space. To bring out their effect to your design, make sure these drapes are in an eye-catching colour such as dark green, velvet maroon, or even classic gold

Invest in a Wall Painting

When it comes to home interior ideas, one simply can’t go wrong with a wall painting! Invest in a large wall art piece and hang it in a good spot in your living room. A wall painting that speaks about your personal style, is bound to add an elegant aura to your living room and even spark good conversations. When choosing an art painting, avoid purchasing one from commercial stores. Instead, look for a handmade piece that has a backstory or is of personal significance to you.

Add a Touch of Metallics 

For an ultra-classic look, style your home interiors with a few glimmering metal decor pieces such as a metal clock, brass candlesticks, silver plates, metallic light fixtures, rose gold metal accents etc. You can also spray paint your existing decor pieces with a shade of gold. When placed carefully and in moderation, such metal pieces will add a hint of glamour to your living spaces.

Bring in the Element of Contrast

Make your home interiors stand out well by adding an element of contrast. This can be anything from having a bright accent wall to opting for colourful textiles that contrast well with neutral backgrounds. You can also use the art of colour blocking to achieve a rich contrasting aesthetic. In the below picture, the dark teal interiors contrast well with the warm brown and white decor pieces in the room.

Furnish with a Lovely Rug

Rugs are some of the first things when we think about bringing a classic vibe to any modern home interiors. However, it’s important that you choose a rug with the right texture that will last you for a long time, and bring oomph to your home design! Be it Persian or Moroccan design – opt for a high-quality piece that is easy to clean and will fit well with your living room furnishings.

Paint your Ceiling!

If the ceiling in your living spaces is high, we suggest you paint it up with a popping colour or a pattern. This technique not only adds a touch of drama to your design but also draws the eye upwards, capturing the incredible height of your room interiors. Even simple stripe patterns or star designs in bright colours such as yellow and blue will stand out well in the room.

Bring Fresh Flowers inside.

Keeping a vase of flowers is a decor trick that never gets old! Fresh flowers have since times immemorial given a vintage, romantic, and colourful feel to our homes. For an elegant look – it’s important to steer clear of fake ones. Instead pluck some fresh flowers such as roses or lilies right from your home garden every other day to give a natural, classic look to your home interiors.

At Ashwin Sheth Group, we’ve given you the right tricks to easily bring an elegant touch to your home interiors. These design tips will not take up too much of your time, are light on the wallet, and are easy changes that anyone can make in their own home.

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