Buying A Home After Retirement? Keep These Things In Mind

Thinking about retirement often conjures up images of living it up in a beautiful home at a dreamy locale, being free of the work stress. We’re here to tell you that you don’t need to shell out all of your hard-earned wealth and move to a faraway hill station. This dream is possible in Mumbai itself if planned carefully and meticulously.

With so many upcoming new projects in Mumbai tailored to suit the needs of senior citizens – it’s finally possible to live up your golden years in style and comfort, knowing that you’re never really far from the grandchildren. So, read ahead to know 5 thingsthat you should look for to choose your perfect retirement home in the city.

A green and clean environment

As we age, there is a greater thirst to see the finer pleasures of the earth and feel the purity of nature. A retirement home should offer you ample green avenues and spaces where you can pleasantly walk hand in hand with your partner. Most of all, it should be a safe and charming space for you – filled with a gentler hubbub where the sound of city traffic fades away like a distant memory in your ears.

When searching for your perfect home, look for locales that offer you clean air and lots of oxygen to support the health of your mind and body. Opt to live in greener parts of areas such as Dahisar or Mulund that often have a good to moderate Air Quality Index (AQI – range: 0 to 100)

You will find that most of our building projects are located in such peaceful areas. The project of Sheth Montana in Mulund will fulfill all your wishes to marvel at spectacular views of the hills from your window. On the other hand, Sheth Midori in Dahisar will place you at the fringes of the Sanjay Gandhi National Park. Here, you can wake up each day to the pleasant call of unique birds perched on branches and treetops.

Proximity to Healthcare and essential services

While moving to the countryside after retirement sounds romantic, the reality is that you’ll be too far from most healthcare and essential services. Instead, you can live the dream by moving in green and clean cityscapes equipped with a developed infrastructure to enjoy the benefits of both! Moreover, ensure that the building offers options for timely housekeeping help and medical aid for you if needed.

There are a number of our lavish residential properties in Mumbai that offer you abundant greenery along with top hospitals, pharmacies, and shopping centres nearby. Perfect options include Sheth Montana in Mulund,Sheth Midori in Dahisar, or even Sheth Clarion in Borivali. These localities will give you the desired dream of staying in an oasis of greenery and hillside views, while still being near reputed healthcare. As these are quite near the highways, it will also be economical in the long run as you will be spending less on transport.

Maintenance costs and upkeep

While a large condo sounds like the ideal choice for retirement, we suggest you only invest in one if it’s not burning a hole in your savings. Especially if you’re buying a home via a loan, you may also have to account for the monthly EMIs from the pension or your other sources of income. Besides, a compact and comfortable home is bound to have enough space to suit two people, as well as cost you lesser to maintain it. (An ideal choice could be Sheth Clarion, Borivali – an upcoming project with beautiful homes ranging from 1, 2, and 3 BHKs)

Further, plan the monthly expenses that will get spent in the general upkeep and maintenance of your home. Ensure that you factor in for things like furnishing, plumbing repairs, and more. This is where new homes prove to be a better deal as there is less chance of leakages.

Amenities that encourage physical activity and active social life.

Look for a building with amenities that help you grow, physically and mentally. Retirement is the time when you will have the time to pursue all your interests and hobbies. So, ensure you choose a locality that offers you a jogging track or a nearby yoga class that encourages exercise.A space that gives you basic amenities, as well as a friendly environment with lovely people, trumps everything else!

A lot of new projects in Mumbai specialize in creating such elderly-friendly spaces that offer a plethora of amenities to keep one entertained and energized.Sheth Montana, Mulund offers amenities like a library, spas, a golf area, yoga rooms, saunas, and more! There are also dedicated corners and socializing pavilions for senior citizens to mingle with each other.

Sheth Midori, Dahisar similarly has a clubhouse with meditation rooms, an Eco deck with a walking track, and beautifully landscaped gardens. These amenities ensure that you lead a peaceful lifestyle, mildly infused with fun chitter-chatters of people you interact with.

Building is senior-citizen friendly

Besides a safe neighborhood, essential services, and numerous amenities – try to find a building that supports the different needs of senior citizens. This means they have areas with ramps and wheelchair access, anti-skid tiles for the flooring, handrails or safety bars on stair corners, functional elevators, and ambient lighting in common areas of the locality. These preventive measures will ease things for them and make one feel safe, secure, and welcome in a new space.

At AshwinSheth Group, we’ve given all the information needed for you to confidently stride forth to find your perfect home. Here, you can build a comfortable life for yourself to enjoy the rest of your days in peace and happiness. So, be the wise old owl that we know you are and go build yourself a beautiful nest!

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