6 Colour and Interior Design Trends That Will Rule in 2021

The past year has taught us to truly value our homes, in a way that was quite unimaginable before! With the beginning of 2021 infusing us with fresh energy and new perspectives – it is now the right time to give your home a fresh makeover. And we are here with some of the top interior design ideas, predicted to be an instant hit in the coming year. So, read ahead to stay inspired and create something beautiful with these design trends.

A top trend that emerged out of staying cooped up at home last year is that most of us developed a passion for long-lasting and sustainable things. The word ‘Eco-friendly’ is now the new in – finally peeking out of societal fringes to emerge as the top priority in much of home design. So, this is the right year to do away with plastic, buy artisanal furniture, and support homegrown brands. As you read further, you may see that most of these upcoming design trends gladly champion this cause.

Yellow and Gray

Pantone announced the colours of yellow and grey to be its go-to choice for the coming year. And we sure think they’re on the right track! A combination of these two hues tends to strike a beautiful balance between bright and darker moods. So, add that pop of yellow to your vast grey interiors and let these colours meld their magic into your home.

A statement piece like this yellow chandelier is sure to add an element of quirkiness to rich grey interiors.

Get a deep grey tabletop for your dining table, and add in some bright yellow chairs. Feel free to play with fabrics and table decor here – adding cushion covers, tablecloths, napkins, vases, etc. in alternating shades of yellow and grey!

Pro tip: Why stop at the living room? You can even go further by colour blocking dreary kitchen cabinets with yellow and dark grey shades. We bet you’ll be cooking more in the kitchen now rather than surviving on takeout!

Morrocan Style

In constant search of the perfect interior design idea to make a bold and elegant statement with your home? Revamp your living spaces in line with the Moroccan style of design and watch it bring a sense of opulence to your home!

This style often employs the use of dramatic colours such as blues and greens with rich white backdrops to bring a sense of the ocean waves into your home. Alternatively you may also opt for shades of earthy browns, terracotta reds, and burnt oranges that make your space feel closer to the earth, yet be kissed with the sun’s rays.

Incorporate decor elements such as mosaics, blue geometric tiles, luxurious upholstery, wooden furniture, Moroccan patterned rugs, dome-shaped doors, and more into your abode. Hang a Moroccan lantern opposite to an ornate mirror, and it will reflect light beautifully around your space.

Add these elements wisely, always keeping in mind how you want your home to look and feel. You may go as bold as you want or even keep it subtle by adding merely one element to your space. The result may yet surprise you with a space that feels lavish, warm, and peaceful like your very own piece of paradise!

Industrial Design

Nurse your love for brick walls and repurposed wood by transforming your home into an industrial loft. Inspired by old factories and warehouses, this style embraces the busy life of the cityscape in all its glory! An added advantage is that it also makes effective use of multi-purpose spaces such as living rooms with work from home spaces built in them.

From artfully placing galvanized metal pieces and edison bulbs to exposing pipes for display – there is a lot you can do to add an industrial look to your spaces. Adding wooden pieces and a touch of leather will work to soften up the metallic look, giving a cosy feel to your living space.

Don’t let the brick walls hide behind coats of paint! In the above picture, it gives an urban warehouse effect to the whole room. The skis used as decor, wooden table, a simple bar stool, and edison bulbs bring together the industrial vibe in the apartment.

For the kitchen, opt for a simple old counter that gives you the feeling of sitting in a bar. Note the metal work on the white cabinets, visible pipes, metal bar stools, and caged pendant lights that give an urban structure to this space.

Blush Pink Shades

Another fad that tops the best interior design list this year, is the hype of blush pinks! Millennials have officially embraced the versatility of this calm shade, especially putting this beautiful hue to good use in interior design. So, paint all your walls a dusty pink, add a stand-out blush center-piece, or combine this shade with other neutral colours. Whether you choose to go wild or be subtle – there is a lot to experiment with this colour for sure.

Go for a classic faded pink bedroom, adding textures of blush and white fabrics to add depth to your room. In the above picture, the white cabinets, cushion covers, and sheepskin contrast quite well with the soft pink plaid bedspread – adding a romantic vibe to the room. Deck up a corner with some fresh light pink roses, and you’ll never want to leave your bedroom!

Not into repainting the walls? You can always depend on old pink cushion covers and pink fabrics repurposed as tablecloths to do the trick for you. In the above picture, the rose gold lace on the cushions gives a lavish look to the living room.

Cottage Core

Feel like creating a countryside escape, while living in the middle of the city? All you have to do is employ the cottage core trend to style your home interiors. Think plaid ginghams, cane chairs, fuzzy mittens, recycled vases, floral wallpaper, frills, embroidered bedspreads, and more!

This trend embraces the notion of living life slowly, pleasantly smelling the roses as one goes by walking in the forest lanes. The idea is to create a cosy, lived-in home filled with happy faces and cottage comforts.

The backdrops are usually neutral or earthy colours like beige, white, pink, light brown that allow for lots of natural light in the house. Minimise the use of plastic and instead, opt for sustainable materials like cane and wicker. Add a stack of books to brighten up corners, stick old maps on your desk, or even repurpose old fruit baskets as storage boxes to keep clutter in check.

Don’t forget to bring the plants indoors! Maintain a garden in your balcony or indulge in the upcoming trend of keeping a hanging garden to bring in a piece of the forest into your home. If nothing else, place fresh flowers in old mason glass jars and fresh fruits in a cane basket on your dining table. Your dream cottage is ready!

Japanese Minimalism

Much like the Scandinavians, the Japanese too have old roots of minimalism ingrained in their culture. The Japanese Zen philosophy calls for the use of bare necessities in daily life, leading a clutter-free and stress-free life.

Contrary to popular belief, this does not mean clearing out every last thing from your homes. Instead, this philosophy values the few objects you choose to keep in the house. Be it that beautiful painting or a simple flower vase – it encourages you to keep the decor piece if it inspires you to live your life to the fullest each day.

This is a unique aesthetic that calls for neutral colours, unpolished wooden interiors, and the simplicity of natural white cotton fabrics. So, get a pair of sheer curtains, clear the riff-raff, build open shelves, and start decorating your home!

You can also go traditional by building a couple of Japanese sliding doors in your home or even a wooden bed without a bed frame. In the above picture, such a frameless bed with a comfortable mattress on top lessens its height. This gives the illusion that the bedroom has a higher ceiling.

At Ashwin Sheth Group, we value each of these design trends, and the message that they bring inside your homes. As you get creative with these ideas – you’ll see a magnificent magic enter your home! This coming year, we hope you can create a cosy space for yourself – a place where your interiors, handicrafts, and decor pieces reflect the immense love writ into them by artisans.

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