Expert tips on creating a meditation space at home

Gone are the days when we had to stride forwards like an ascetic right in the middle of a forest to be deep in meditation. Be it living in the countryside or the city – all we need today is a small personal space for ourselves to achieve a deep connection between our mind, body, and soul. This is why meditation rooms work so well in helping us recharge mentally and physically to achieve a balance in our lives. So, read ahead as we give you expert tips on how you can easily create such a meditation space within the comforts of your home.

Choose your space well

One of the first things you must do is pick a space suitable for meditation in the house. Ensure that you choose a room that gets a lot of fresh air and natural light, as this instantly works in uplifting your mood. The idea is to find a space that makes you feel good. If you can’t find such vibes in a room, it’s also an excellent idea to convert your favourite balcony into a meditation space.

P.S. We know that it can get difficult to find a space free from traffic noise in the city! We suggest that you try to spot a space where the noise is minimal enough for you to focus on meditation.

Opt for light room colours

Room colours play a huge role in affecting our moods and this is why a neutral or pastel shade colour palette works quite well to bring a sense of calmness in a meditation room. Hues such as white, light yellow, beige, and dusty pink tend to reflect the light well so that even when your eyes are closed – you may feel airy and relaxed in such a space.

Bring the greens In

Being in the presence of nature can be quite refreshing as most plants give out oxygen, purifying the air. In-fact, it is also widely believed that meditation is a way for us to connect our mind and body with our natural surroundings. So, bring a few plants indoors and place them near your window or any part of the room that gets ample sunlight. You could also consider bringing in fragrant flowers like Jasmine that further help to infuse your room with tranquility and help in reducing anxiety.

Make a difference with lighting

Natural lighting helps create a serene mood in your home meditation space. You can enhance this with some window treatments like sheer white or lace curtains, which will help diffuse the light to create a beautiful atmosphere. This is especially helpful when you want to avoid the sun’s heat and meditate peacefully. Besides this, you may also hang a couple of string lights or light candles in the room to add to the ambience.

Add scents to your meditation routine

Before you start meditating, freshen up your room by lighting incense sticks or potpourri. You may also take advantage of aromatherapy as there is much evidence that shows it reduces stress and stimulates brain function. Using aromatherapy candles or essential oils such as chamomile and lavender tends to put you at ease during meditation.

Such a routine ritual of burning these scents may over time, become a signal for your body to be still in meditation and help direct your attention inwards within yourself to connect with your soul.

Cut out the background distractions

Now that we live more in the online world, our phones continually “pinging” beside us can get quite distracting. So, we suggest you remove all electronics such as phones, tablets, and television from your meditation room. Going on such a digital detox even for an hour during meditation may have amazing benefits on your mental and physical health.

However, some are in the habit of playing soothing instrumental music in the background during meditation. Soothing tones such as those of raindrops, ocean wave sounds, and bird calls can further help create a sense of calmness during meditation.

Add a personal touch with minimal decor

Add a few soft cotton fabrics, a cushion or two, and minimal decor pieces for a personal touch to your meditation space. The idea here is to not keep the space completely bare but to place only those pieces that hold deep meanings for you. This can be anything from a simple Buddha statue to crystal beads and a jar filled with seashells you collected from the beach.

At Ashwin Sheth Group, we’ve given you some of the most essential tips needed for you to fashion a peaceful meditation room for yourself. These ideas are bound to quickly have you in the right mood to reflect your thoughts and connect with yourself in your very own meditation room.

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