12 Home Decor Ideas to Give a Vintage Feel to Your House Interiors

One of the things that attracts me to vintage and antique things is they have stories, and even if I don’t know the stories, I make them up. – Mary Kay Andrews

Do the above words resonate too well with you? If your gaze wanders frequently towards pretty lace lampshades or antique furniture from a bygone era that tells a unique story – you’re a lover of the vintage style alright! Being vintage is not a mere aesthetic, but it is also about the joy of celebrating lived histories through the timeless things we choose to display in our homes. So, read ahead as we give you some fabulous home decor ideas that will infuse an old-world elegance and vintage feel into your modern home.

Turn Old Suitcases or Trunks into Decor Tables

Most of us have old suitcases lying around the home, seldom used in everyday life. So, it’s time to get them out of storage and get creative placing them around your home. Stack them up, one on top of the other like in the picture above for a super cool look.

You may also repurpose them as stands, vanity dressers, or side tables in your house. Be it using them as is or giving an entirely fresh coat of paint – these will surely add a captivating touch to your home interiors!

Use a Bicycle as Statement Decor

An old bicycle left forgotten in your garage? Time to turn it into a statement decor piece to be displayed in your home! A bicycle not only adds a delightful charm to your living room, but it is also a beautiful reminder of all the carefree moments you spent riding it all over town.
In the above picture, the open wooden shelving behind the bicycle brings an additional depth to the vintage corner.

If you live in a compact space with no room for a bicycle, then consider smaller pieces like these funky ice skates from the 50s!

Opt for a Beautiful Wallpaper

A simple home decor idea is to look for wallpapers that suit the mood you want to create in your living spaces. With lots of floral, ship motifs, old geographic maps, and gothic designs – you will be spoilt for choice in this area. The above picture shows a wallpaper that depicts an enchanting countryside scene. The large vase of flowers and a vintage lamp placed in front of it add to the classy feel of the room.

Turn Old Crates into Storage Shelves

A budget-friendly way to go vintage – old fruit and vegetable crates bring in a rustic feel to your home. These crates are excellent for storage, keep clutter in check, and give an old farmhouse feel to your home. Simply use them as is or paint them with pastel shades to amp up the decor.

Lace in Your Decor

Nothing screams vintage more than pretty white lace! Attach lace to your cushions or use that extra lace fabric as a dining table cover. If you come across sheer lacy fabrics, grab them up to fashion them as curtains for your room. Watching the sun’s rays filter through these curtains is sure to add a romantic feel to your home!

Display Decor Pieces and Memorabilia on a Ladder

Give that old ladder a fresh polish and start stacking your favourite decor pieces onto it. An old photograph in a vintage frame, a globe, a Buddha statue, a vintage alarm clock – literally anything works!

If you don’t own a ladder, you may also consider hanging a wire rack above your desk to hang things like pendulums, flowers, keychains, and your photos from it. To amp it up, wrap string lights around it.

Bring in The Charm of Vintage Doorknobs in Your Home

Have we got just the top no-hassle home decor idea for you! Vintage doorknobs are the perfect example of the fact that small details sure add a beautiful punch in home decor. Be it wooden, ceramic, glass, or crystal – door knobs of all shapes tend to look good without much effort. Besides doors, you may also attach these on top of jar lids to give a pretty effect to your kitchens and workspaces.

Add a Touch of Brass to Your Vintage Decor

Brass usually goes really well with vintage home decor. In the above picture, the brass lamp brings out a beautiful contrast with the white wood furniture and vintage record player.

Not looking to separately buy brass decor? In Indian homes, most of us already own brass candle holders that only come out of storage during festivals! We suggest you bring these out for display on your dining table.

If you are looking to invest, a tiny brass birdcage like the one in the above picture is a fantastic decor piece. Besides using it as a candle holder, there are tons of uses for this decor piece! For daily use, a great hack is to stack up your sewing thread bundles inside it and then display it on your sewing worktop.

Make Glass Jars Your Best Friend!

Not only are glass jars excellent for storing several knicks and knacks, but these add to the vintage vibe in your home. Use them as candle holders or flower vases at key points in your home. You may also use them to hold stationary, craft supplies, jellybeans, cookies, and more. DIY a snow globe from one or simply coat some jars with gold for an elegant effect. Imagination is the limit here.

Repurpose Old Wooden Doors or Fences as Wall Art

One of the best home decor ideas is to use what you already have to create a sustainable, vintage aesthetic. We all have extra pieces of wood lying around from broken dressers, fences, old cribs, and more. It’s high time to repurpose these as natural wall arts to add to the rustic vibe of your living spaces. Use a piece of a wooden fence as a bed headboard or simply hang it up in a corner of your home for a rustic effect.

Brighten up Your Space with Vintage Lamps and Candles

For lighting, you can keep it subtle with classic white lamps. If you’re looking for something innovative – you can also opt for light floral, lace, burlap, or even woolen lampshades! Simply DIY one if you own such fabrics.

Be it large candelabras or simple candlesticks – candles do a fabulous job of enhancing the vintage feel in your home. You can even do a fun DIY to make pretty teacup, glass, or tin candles. Decorate their outside with paint or old stickers, and you’re done!

Find Yourself a Sturdy Wooden Antique

Visit thrift stores or second-hand shops, and look for an antique furniture piece that resonates well with your taste. While finding the right antique may take some time – it is well worth the effort if it means you found a classy statement dresser or desk for your home interiors. Give it a good coat of paint to add a pop of colour to your home interiors.

If the wood is a sturdy teak with good polish, we suggest you avoid the paint here as it is an elegant and timeless piece in itself! You can also find some small antique pieces like this heavy wooden chest in the above picture. Give it a good polish, and use it as a coffee table in your living room.

At Ashwin sheth Group, we’ve provided you with a detailed guide to going vintage in your home decor. You may go all aboard with these elements or incorporate some to give a subtle vintage vibe to your home. Whatever you may choose to do – we hope that you create a classy space that abounds with old beautiful things and sweet memories that together, tell your unique story.

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