How important is it to live near your place of work?

How important is it to live near your place of work

Commuting has become a huge hassle, especially for people living in urban cities like Mumbai. According to a report by the office commute platform MoveInSync, Indians spend more time on daily office commute than people in most countries, with more than 2 hours on the road every day. On average, Indians spend 7% of their day commuting to the office.

These statistics tell us how commuting has become a major issue. That is why people nowadays prefer to choose residences close to their workplace. From reducing travel time to minimising stress, better work-life balance to better productivity, having a home close to the workplace provides many benefits.

Ashwin Sheth Group has curated a list of reasons why living closer to the workplace will help you and your family in the long run.

Advantages of living near your workplace

Here are the top advantages one will enjoy having a home very close to the workplace:

Less Stress

Yes, your commute can affect your mental health. Imagine the stress levels you would be experiencing while wasting time in heavy traffic to reach the office or home after your busy day at work. Nobody enjoys getting stuck in traffic jams.

Living closer to the workplace is a better alternative. You will not have to take the stress of waking up early in the morning and rushing around the house to leave for work on time. You will be happy to report to work or return home instead of feeling frustrated or stressed.

Increase Your Productivity

Living closer to the workplace increase productivity
When you are in a better mood at work, you are more likely to become productive throughout the day. Living closer to the workplace makes it easy for you to arrive early at work or on time without getting frustrated and tired, which improves your job performance significantly.

You will have fewer late arrivals and absences if you live close to work. Conditions like bad weather are less likely to keep you at home. Your company can rely on you to be at work even in the worst weather conditions.

Your boss will appreciate your reliability, and your reputation as a reliable employee will eventually serve well in your career. Employers, while recruiting, usually ask new employees to stay close to the company, as maximum productivity can be achieved.

Quality Time with Family

The ultimate reason for working hard is to make life easy and happy for you, your family, and your loved ones. But spending a day at the office and then time-consuming commuting will eventually leave you with less quality time to spend with your family.

A home close to the workplace helps you maintain a proper balance between your profession and life. You get enough time to spend with your family or follow hobbies such as reading, gardening, and exercising. Having breakfast together, dropping kids at school before work and picking them up after work, cooking dinner with your spouse, playing with kids, and much more helps you release stress from your busy work schedule.

Save More Money

Commuting to your workplace by your own car means you are spending a significant amount of money on fuel and vehicle maintenance services. A home near your workplace will help you significantly reduce these expenses.

Time to Pursue Your Interests and Hobbies

We all have hobbies we would like to explore, but long commutes can take up all the time and energy. Living closer to your workplace allows you to make enough time to pursue your interests and hobbies that will positively affect your psychological health and career.

Pursuing your passion not only makes you feel good and more fulfilled but also gives you more opportunities to switch off from career worries and issues in the workplace.

Opportunity for Exercise

Importance of the location
A long commute to and from the office each day can take away the time that can be dedicated to physical fitness. You go from sitting in the car to sitting at work. By the time work is done and you return home, you are too exhausted to do any exercise. Although work is important, so is your mental and physical health.

Sometimes you have to make hard decisions to ensure your longevity. When you choose to live near your office, you get the advantage of reaching your office on foot or on a cycle, which is a form of exercise. It is important to include exercise in your daily routine to beat the pressures of corporate jobs and keep yourself healthy and active.

In metropolitan cities like Mumbai, it is very common for people to spend about one to two hours getting to the office. If you choose to live near the office, it helps you escape the daily hassle of commuting and gain greater control over your time and life.

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