How Kids Play a Vital Role in Parents’ Home Buying Decisions

Kids role in buy residential property

Location, size of the home, and cost are crucial factors to consider while searching for a property. But, if you are a parent, your priority would be to find a comfortable and safe abode for your child. Therefore, children play a vital role in parents’ home-buying decisions.

Things like the good neighborhood, educational institutes, and hospitals in the area are some aspects that parents need to consider for the benefit of their children. So, if you are planning to buy a 2 BHK flat in Mumbai or 3 BHK, you must give high priority to the specific needs and preferences of your child.

Ashwin Sheth Group wants you to make significant investments based on the present and future needs of your children.

Let us explore some parameters that will help you find a child-friendly residential property in Mumbai.

  • Safety 

When buying a new flat in Mumbai, you must ensure that it is in a secure residential neighborhood with a friendly living environment for your children. Apart from this, you must also look into certain other safety features of the building, such as well-insulated switches and power outlets, a high balcony railing, and good-quality door locks.

Ashwin Sheth Group’s residential projects in Mumbai provide round-the-clock security and advanced facilities like CCTV, which ensure the safety and security of your children and spouse.

  • Accessibility 

The house you want to buy should be in a location that is in close proximity to good schools and colleges. A long, arduous journey to school can be exhausting for your children. While looking for a residential property in Mumbai, check if there are good schools and other educational institutions nearby to make the daily commute hassle-free for your child.

Another critical factor to consider while choosing a property is health care facilities. Children will fall sick often and would require medical facilities. So, it is always better to buy a house with close access to reputed hospitals.

  • Kids Amenities

Today, home buyers want to invest in a home that offers exclusive kid’s amenities. Be it a play park, kids pool, sports grounds, or indoor games room, having some leisure and recreation facilities is always better to keep the kids engaged.

These kinds of facilities are available in residential projects developed by reputed builders. So, when you are looking for a 2 BHK flat in Mumbai or 3 BHK, always consider your family’s growing needs.

Ashwin Sheth Group’s residential projects in Mumbai provide child-friendly amenities to ensure that your child gets ample physical activity to stay healthy and fit.

  • Architecture & Planning 

A well-planned and spacious home with good ventilation systems offers a healthy environment for your children to grow. The perfect home is where your child can feel relaxed. Therefore, decor and space in your home should provide a neat and comfortable environment for the well-being of your family.

  • Open Green Spaces

Whether you buy a 1 BHK flat in Mumbai or 2 BHK, it should have ample greenery and open spaces like gardens and parks where your child can spend quality time and create beautiful memories.

For parents living in metro cities, it is important to choose a home that gives your children a positive and healthy environment for their growth. Our new residential projects in Mumbai, such as Sheth Avante, Sheth Montana, Sheth Zuri, and Sheth Avalon, cater to children’s requirements.


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