Illuminate Your Living Spaces with Makar Sankranti Home Decor Suggestions

Mr. Sanjeev Agarwal, Chief Design Officer, Ashwin Sheth Group

Makar Sankranti stands as a prominent Hindu festival in India, marked by enthusiastic celebrations across the country. The festival commemorates the sun’s entry into the Capricorn zodiac and is one of the few festivals celebrated by the solar cycle. The festival serves as both a religious commemoration and a seasonal observance. Homeowners joyously observe this festival, aiming to dispel negativity in their homes at the onset of the New Season.

One can adorn his or her home for Makar Sankranti with traditional embellishments such as rangoli and kites to contemporary and personalized accents. The most effective house decorations are those that emanate positivity and radiance throughout the living space.

In line with the festival’s spirit, here are some Sankranti home decor suggestions to prepare your abode for the festivities and cultivate a positive living environment.

1 Add a distinctive personal touch

Being a festival for families to gather and rejoice, personalizing one’s home decor becomes essential. Crafting DIY decor items that can represent the motifs of the festival like the sun, parrot & symbols of the harvesting season, with materials like paper, fabric, or recycled materials, can add a personal touch to your home design, making it more meaningful.

2 Infuse Floral Charm

Flowers are ideal for the celebration as they add a bright and charming appeal to a home. They can be further positioned to enhance a space in diverse ways such as crafting blooming arches or torans over entrances or blending flowers of various hues to form rangoli patterns resembling kites. Adding flowers is another technique to enhance the appearance of the railings and windows.

3 Lighting

Lighting forms one of the most important elements of design and decoration in any festival. Accentuation of areas like the entrance foyer, verandas, living rooms, corridors, areas of worship, flowerbeds, windows and niches in the walls, through lighting, will surely create a beguiling and dramatic ambience. One can use hanging terracotta lamps, handmade clay lamps, candles, lanterns or fairy lights to infuse a scintillating glow that will radiate the spirit of the festival.

4 Go green

Plants give life to your home! It is the most cost-effective decor item you could invest in for your home. A splash of green quickly transforms the space, producing a comfortable, homely, and lively mood. The benefit of including plants is that it keeps you healthy and happy. They may not directly impact your health, but their beauty will leave you speechless.

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