Innovations that have taken real estate to a new level in Mumbai

Innovation is the cornerstone of the ever-growing real estate industry in Mumbai. From fabulous design to construction strategies and luxury amenities – innovation exists in all these aspects of real estate construction. Using the right technology and innovation are what set apart the truly iconic properties in the city today. So read ahead as we show you how many new projects in Mumbai have adopted truly unique innovative approaches to architecture that continue to change the real estate face of the city.

Online Marketplace

Now that almost everything can be found in the digital world, it’s become far easier to search up properties online. Most potential home buyers now first tend to check out developer’s projects as well as their online presence as a first step towards purchasing a home.

In fact, many digital brokerage platforms such as Magicbricks, 99 acres, and more list innumerable properties on their website to aid people in finding their dream home. These have proven to be quite helpful as home buyers can access buyer reviews, approximate prices of the flats, look into various market trends, and even come across physical verifications of the properties

Home Automation

The upcoming trend of home automation has quickly picked up in many projects in the city. This is because home automation uses a technology referred to as the ‘Internet of things (IoT) which gives one complete control of various devices in the home with the tap of one button on your cell phone. Another advantage of this technology is that it replaces manual operations and gives real time alerts.

From lighting to home appliances and even the security system – almost every device can now be remotely controlled in the home as well as the workspace! This also includes locks, electrical systems, smoke detectors, surveillance cameras, controlling the thermostat and more. The opportunities in real estate are endless with this innovation!

Government Innovation in Regulation

The government too has taken digitization steps to further protect home buyers rights, keep developers in check, and further boost property purchase in the state. This comes in the form of the RERA (Regulation and Development) Act that has created a digital database, bringing much of real estate data into the public domain.

Such efforts create an environment of transparency where developers are held accountable for the delay in projects and home buyers can check the credibility of projects, expected possession dates, floor plans of the project etc.

Innovative Housing for Senior Citizens

Reputed developers nowadays also focus on providing innovative amenities that help to support the different needs of senior citizens. This means building landscapes that have ramps and wheelchair access, anti-skid tiles for the room flooring, handrails or safety bars on stair corners, functional elevators, and ambient lighting in common areas of the locality. These innovative measures ensure the safety of the elderly and make them feel secure in their living spaces. Scoring such a 2 bhk flat in Mumbai that provides senior citizens with such essential facilities is now totally possible in the city!

3D Mapping by Use of Drones

3 D mapping of properties with the help of drones has now become quite prominent in real estate as it gives more in-depth views of the built-up area of the property to homebuyers. These drones give aerial views and monitor different stages of the ongoing construction projects, providing detailed progress reports to home buyers.

Using drones gives dramatic views of entire properties, which shows the potential home buyers the actual spectacular view one may experience on purchasing the property. Hence, developers have started using drones to give a realistic image of the construction, boosting a sense of transparency from their side and thus building trust with the customer.

Office Spaces That Focus on Wellness

As the years have passed by, the needs of the millennials today have grown from being stuck in a cubicle to thoroughly enjoying their work in the office space. Developers thus, now develop innovative technologies that focus on workspace wellness. This is why many commercial buildings now offer proper ventilation, built-in landscape gardens, modern co-working spaces, ultimate security, automation of systems, and much more! If you’re looking for such wellness based commercial spaces, our upcoming project of Sheth Cnergy in Thane is totally worth the hype!

Green Designs

A concept that emerged from around 1993 – Green buildings that offer sustainable ways of living and working have become the demand for many in the real estate business! The need to reduce the negative impact of real estate on the environment has become especially important now. This is why many reknown developers are developing such buildings by using non-toxic construction materials, building green landscaped properties and so on.

Birth of Family Entertainment Centre (FCE)

How many times have you enjoyed a rigorous game of air hockey with your friends in Time Zone or bowling your heart out in SMAAASH? Such innovation of family entertainment centres (FCEs) inside malls was possible due to the growing need for community spaces in recent years. Such arcade spaces offer gaming consoles, coaster rides, virtual reality, indoor sports, and even children play areas to cater to the needs of the entire family. Such spectacular innovation has helped significantly to increase as well as retain footfalls in the malls of today.

The above points show how innovation has led to mega changes in the real estate in the city as we see it today! And Ashwin Sheth Group continues to be a large part of this ever-changing tide of innovation that leads to accountability, transparency, and sustainable growth in the real estate industry.

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