Must-have trending technology in your home in 2022!

In the past, smart homes were considered part of a luxurious lifestyle, but today smart homes are no more a luxury but a necessity. A smart home brings efficiency, convenience, comfort, peace of mind, and the option of customization. At Ashwin Sheth Group, we’re committed to building aesthetically pleasing spaces that perfectly match your needs.

A smart home is a home that uses internet-connected electronic appliances to make your daily household chores simpler. The good thing about these smart appliances is that they can be controlled, monitored, and accessed from anywhere via the internet, helping you create a fully automated home. With a one-touch button or mobile phone app, you can effortlessly control the functionalities of numerous gadgets.

Shouldn’t your home be touched by the wonders of smart technology too? Don’t you wish to upgrade your living space into a smart home? Check out these smart devices that will make your life convenient and comfortable:

  1. Digital Locks

It’s time to go keyless with a digital lock to enhance your home safety. Designed to provide maximum security, a digital lock comes with multiple modes of access including a numeric keypad, face recognition, RFID cards, among others. With its high level of security, it enables you to protect your home from intruders and break-ins. This modern locking system provides you with a log of every input on the digital lock through notifications. You can lock, unlock and monitor your door anytime from anywhere.

  1. Smart LED Bulbs

Switch to the smart way of adding light to your home with Smart LED bulbs. You can control the lightning preferences efficiently with simple voice commands. It helps you to customise, schedule and control lighting remotely. From brightening up the party to improving your sleep, a smart LED bulb allows you to adjust the lighting as per your mood and need.

3. Smart Chimney

Enjoy a clean, odourless and smokeless cooking experience with a smart chimney. This appliance will enhance the entire look of your kitchen while keeping the air fresh throughout your cooking process. It protects kitchen tiles, marble, or wood from sticky grease and oil stains. The smart chimney will remind you when it needs cleaning by sending you notifications. It also eases your cleaning tasks by providing you the convenience of controlling the chimney and its modes through a mobile app.

4. AI Powered Washing Machine

Washing clothes manually could be a laborious and time-consuming process. To reduce the time in washing and avoiding manual labour, opt for the AI-Powered Washing Machine. You can operate this smart washing machine remotely by using a mobile app. Once you fill up the machine with your load, you need not worry about manually adding the detergent as the auto-feature adds the exact amount of detergent required. You can monitor the wash cycle’s progress and receive a notification when the cycle comes to an end. Owning a smart washing machine is bound to reduce the effort of doing your laundry.

5.Smart Vacuum Cleaner

A clean home starts with clean floors. A smart vacuum cleaner also called robot vacuum can take care of your floor cleaning chores. You can start and operate a smart vacuum cleaner from any part of your home using a mobile app on your smartphone. Designed to clean the entire floor and difficult corners, it creates a virtual map before conducting the task of cleaning. It automatically navigates under tables, chairs, beds to clean up dust and grime.

People are increasingly adopting the concept of smart homes using smart appliances that can be conveniently controlled and monitored. Ashwin Sheth Group helps you build the smart home of your dream to make your life easy, comfortable, and convenient. So, what are you waiting for? Convert your home into a smart home today!

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