All you need to know about luxury homes

Wondering how the truly elite live in the heart of the busy streets of the city? Well, you need wonder no more as we give you the secret to what sets apart the most luxurious homes from the thousands of run of the mill residential properties in Mumbai!

As connoisseurs of building excellent luxury homes ourselves – we can give you the right information on what truly makes a lavish home in the city. So read ahead if you’re looking to find an exquisite residence that offers you an unmatched opulence, the right elegance and lots of fabulousness, each day of your life!

Space is Important

The biggest indicator of a luxurious home is how spacious it is! Look for a large carpet area with rooms that have ample space to accommodate your lavish lifestyle. Such luxurious homes often have a huge living room, a separate modern dining room, an expansive kitchen, luxury bathrooms, and more spacious rooms that will allow you to live all your dreams right at home. We’re also talking about having the kind of space where you can set up your own game room, a home gym, your own personal walk-in wardrobe and much more!

Key Location

A posh high-rise locale where everything is within the reach of your fingertips is another necessity when one finds their perfect luxurious home. Locations that have good connectivity with the entire city, excellent infrastructure, wider and clean roads, less traffic noises, and well-designed green landscapes are the base of building a perfectly luxurious property.

For example, our project Sheth Montana is one such luxury project in the lavish neighborhood of Mulund’s LBS Road that meets all of the above stated parameters. What further sets it apart from other lavish residential projects in Mumbai is the fact that it’s a clandestine location! With almost 75 percent of the flats here facing the nearby mesmerizing hills you would be waking up to a perfect view of the sun rising between the mountains, each day of your life!

Excellent Layout

Luxury homes often feature an excellent layout with open air floor plans, extremely good ventilation and high floor to ceiling height. While looking for your dream luxury home, you can check if the floor to ceiling height meets the standard requirement of 12 feet. This ensures that you can finally go overboard by hanging that grand chandelier in your luxurious apartment, without any scruples indeed!

High Level of Security

While safety is a basic requirement for every residential property, luxurious homes take it to the next level so that you may live worry free. A proper luxurious home offers you state of the art security such as 24×7 human guards at all the entry gates, CCTV cameras at every nook of the property, a proper visitor sign in registry, and much more.

Besides this, many gated luxurious properties also offer the advantage of having separate entrances for visitor vehicles to provide a sense of privacy for the residents of the building. Such luxury properties always update the security according to the needs of the residents, which keeps your safety and privacy from being compromised in the city.

Lavish Design

It’s certainly easy to have a lavishly designed apartment. But at Ashwin Sheth Group – we offer much more in terms of contemporary design where you can expect entire luxury properties designed to meet your every need and appeal to your aesthetic sense as well!

We partner with the best designers and architects that excel in achieving the right kind of excellence needed in designing apartment interiors as well as the outside landscaping of the property. Our luxury properties often feature green and sustainable landscaped gardens, 5 level podium gardens, open amphitheaters, and much more to let the breeze and sunlight inside, unhindered!

As for the interiors – our top-notch luxury destination Sheth Zuri in Thane offers 2 and 3 Bhk cross-ventilated apartments where we’ve effectively made use of the zero negative space planning method. Such a kind of design accentuates every space in your home while also ensuring that every nook and cranny is utilized perfectly!

Similarly, our work with celebrity interior designer Sussanne Khan shows the kind of grandeur that can be experienced in a luxury property such as Sheth Avalon, Thane! Her artistic mind helped create the luxe and elegant design of the clubhouse, gym, and grand lobby of this iconic property.

World Class Amenities

While many upcoming projects in Mumbai offer numerous amenities, what distinguishes a luxury property such as ours is the presence of unique and state of the art amenities. Besides basic amenities such as swimming pools, gyms, game rooms, and clubhouses – we offer you much more to enable you to fully pursue your passions and live in the lap of ultimate luxury.

Many of our luxury properties such as Sheth Zuri, Sheth Avalon, Avante, and Sheth Montana offer you amenities such as golf courts, gaming arcade, jacuzzi, spas and saunas, eco decks, infinity pool, reading lounge, large party lawns, special concierge services, and even a mini theatre that allows you to taste true luxury in your everyday life!

Now that we’ve given you a run through on what to expect from a luxurious property in Mumbai – you can finally bring all your wildest imaginations to reality by choosing the right luxury home based on this guide! We hope you find a truly luxurious home that delivers the most exquisite living experience to you and your family.

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