Open kitchens are the new trend- here’s why!

Over the years, the kitchen has transformed dramatically in its structure, style and design as per the changing needs of home dwellers and shrinking sizes of homes.

Open kitchens for Indian homes are gaining immense popularity in the market. The reason is they work best to save space and are very adaptive to small homes.

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Here are the reasons that make open kitchens a popular trend:

  • Open kitchen makes your home look bigger

An open kitchen doesn’t have walls or barriers to separate the cooking space from the living room. It follows an impressive architecture wherespaces for living and cooking are merged, making your small home look better, modern, and spacious.

An open kitchen without walls can bring natural light from the living room to your cooking area, making it look bright and well-ventilated. Moreover, an open kitchen also gets brightness from lighting appliances in the living room, thus cutting down the electricity bill.

  • Open kitchen connects you with the rest of your home

Cooking or preparing dishes in an open kitchen doesn’t make you feel isolated from the rest of the crowd. It gives you the convenience to cook without missing out on socialising with others.

An open kitchen is interactive and infuses an informal look to your home. When you have guests around, it creates a friendly atmosphere where you can interact with them while working in the kitchen. Neither the guests nor you are confined to a particular space.

  • Open kitchen encourages cleanliness

In an open kitchen, all the culinary activities are visible to your family members and the guests. Therefore, you are prompted to maintain peak cleanliness to make your kitchen clutter-free. You will always make efforts to keep the kitchen clean since you do not know when the next stranger will knock.

  • Open kitchen helps you in multitasking

In recent times, you have been leading a busy life and juggling multiple things at a time. In an open kitchen, you can keep an eye on your children’s activities while you’re engaged in the cooking. Without walls, you can see every corner of both the living room and kitchen. In fact, you could also play your favourite movies or TV shows in the background while working in the kitchen.

  • Open kitchen reflects your modern lifestyle

Inspired by new-age living, an open kitchen signifies a modern home. Your well-designed open kitchen with sleek cabinetry, eye-catching backsplash tiles, and open shelving speaks about your lifestyle.

  • Open kitchen offers high resale value

An open kitchen can increase your property’s resale value. Today, homebuyers prefer to invest in modern homes that improve the quality of life.

An open kitchen is perfectly suitable for small homes. Since it has no barriers or walls, it allows spaces to flow within each other, thereby making your home look more spacious.

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