Sheth Montana – A Residential Address Between City & Nature

When we think of living near the mountains, is escaping to solitary places in the hills the only answer? At Ashwin Sheth Group, we are here to challenge this myth with our residential project, Sheth Montana. Read ahead to know how you can now live your unmissable life as you get those beautiful mountain views while still living in the heart of the city!

Ever wondered what city life would be like where there were unobstructed hilly views, fresher air, more green parks, and one couldn’t see into your house through their window? Imagine if you could get the best of both worlds – a view of lush hills from the confines of your window as well as enjoyment of all the luxuries of the city. It would be a dream come true for many, and this is what we offer to homebuyers today!

At Ashwin Sheth Group, we are proud to say that such a life is not simply a fantasy, but truly possible through our residential project in Mumbai – Sheth Montana. Nestled in the posh high rises of Mulund West yet overlooking the enchanting Yogi hills, this project is placed right on the cusp of the clandestine meeting of city and nature.

The Unmissable Life

Situated on the LBS road, Sheth Montana is equipped with 4 towers of 39 to 45 storeys each. The 2, 3, and 4 BHK apartments here are cross-ventilated and face the mesmerizing mountains, where you can get amazing views of these hills every day. Due to its spectacular location as well as lavish offerings, Sheth Montana offers you multiple possibilities to choose the kind of lifestyle you want to live every day.

For many homebuyers who simply want to live all their dreams without inhibitions, it spells an irresistible chance to live a truly unmissable life. And Sheth Montana offers you this lifestyle – one where you no longer need to make the impossible choice of either choosing a home in the hills or one in the concrete jungle of the city. By giving you both landscape and luxury, this project ensures that you never have to compromise again when it comes to living your best life!

Furthermore – Not only does this project offer you the most spacious and beautifully designed interiors in the city, but you will also have access to more than 40 lifestyle amenities! Whether you want to party away the night in Mumbai’s finest club or simply read a book by your window that gives a fabulous view of the hills – the world is your oyster at Sheth Montana. It’s an #unmissablelfie for sure!

So, read ahead as we give you all the details about how you can create such an unmissable life at Sheth Montana and enjoy all the wonderful pleasures of the city and its natural surroundings.

Sheth Montana – The Best of The City

  • Sheth Montana gives you access to the best of Mulund. First planned way back in the early 1900s along the lines of cities such as London and New York, this suburb has made giant leaps over time to become the excellent infrastructure it is now! This has attracted tons of people to live in its luxury towers, leading to a steady price appreciation over the years. Know more about why Mulund is an upcoming residential hub in Mumbai.
  • And in Mulund is the posh neighbourhood of the LBS Road, which houses the best of residential and commercial buildings in the city! Since Sheth Montana is situated in this locale, you will have access to the finest schools, reputed healthcare, prominent office spaces, fine dining restaurants, malls, and more.
  • While the LBS road ensures an easy commute to eastern and southern suburbs in the city, the nearby Ghodunder road opens up the Western suburbs to you as well. Such a vast network of roadways ensures easy travel to major areas of the city.
  • Via Rail – Sheth Montana is also well connected with the Central Railway line, being a mere 2 to 3 kilometres away from both stations of Mulund and Nahur. In fact, the new metro line 4 project (under construction) will make it even simpler to move across the entire city in the future.

Sheth Montana – The Best of Luxury

  • Contrary to being a property that merely offers a flat for sale in Mulund, Sheth Montana instead ensures that you can enjoy an entirely lavish, holistic lifestyle along with it. This is done through innovative design, beautiful landscaping and state of the art amenities.
  • At Sheth Montana, your family can enjoy access to a vast range of amenities that enable you to focus on physical fitness, mental rejuvenation, and also allow you to socialise with others. These include a gym, joggers park, infinity pool, golf court, spa, jacuzzis, mini theatre, bar, and even a bowling alley!
  • We have also equipped Sheth Montana with tons of essential facilities to ensure that everything is at your fingertips. With amenities such as a private library, ATM, Business centre, a daycare, and more being inside the property premises – you may not have to go too far from home for your essential needs!

Sheth Montana – The Best of Nature

  • Living in Sheth Montana automatically gives you easy access to the incredible beauty of Mulund! Here, the sky is dominated equally by skyscrapers and magnificent hilltops. Moreover, the suburb is not only home to eight beautiful parks but is also near the many trails of the Sanjay Gandhi National Park.
  • And amid such an amazing hilly backdrop is Sheth Montana, where most of the flats face the mesmerising hills, allowing you to truly create a peaceful abode for yourself. In contrast to the cramped lanes of Western Mumbai where the sky is hardly visible amid the polluted air of the city, Sheth Montana offers you a chance to view the unique dance of bright colours in the sky, right from your windowpane!
  • Besides offering a place to live under the shadow of the hills, we’ve also created open green spaces for you that include park walks, blooming gardens, and lawn pavilions. The presence of these amenities allows you the pleasure to go for picnics with your kids, play with your pets, or simply sit and unwind – right in the lap of nature.

At Ashwin Sheth Group, we are offering you a golden chance to live in a dream home, where you can experience the best of the city, its natural green surroundings, and cleaner air along with a luxurious lifestyle. As the sale of flats has long begun, this is a one-of-a-kind opportunity for you to get your hands on your dream home and live a truly unmissable life!

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