Sheth Montana- Where classic meets modern!

With Mulund emerging as a new hub for many upcoming residential properties, home buyers and real estate investors are interested in investing in this area. Especially in the last decade, the residents of Mulund have witnessed some significant growth in terms of infrastructure, connectivity, and lifestyle. While this area is situated at a location with an adequate touch of the city’s hustle-bustle, people can experience nature’s soothing and refreshing energy too.

Realising the need of the people and a massive demand for luxurious apartments, Ashwin Sheth Group is launching a spectacular residential tower, Blissberg, at Sheth Montana in Mulund West. Blissberg is one of the buildings developed in the massive campus of Sheth Montana that will be offering 2,3, & 4 BHK spacious apartments. This incredible project results from the strenuous efforts of experienced professionals including architects, designers, and constructors from India and overseas. Read on to know more about the project:


This stunning project is home to 40+ alluring amenities distributed on the Double Layered Eco Deck that include an infinity pool, gym, yoga room, spa, auditorium, among others. The radiant magnificence of this vibrant residential hub makes it an exceptional property in the Central Suburbs where you should consider investing.

Spiritual Space

With an exquisite Jain temple located on the property itself, people can pursue spiritual peace, devote prayers and perform pujas without going out in the crowded city areas during the fatal pandemic. Moreover, people can rejuvenate themselves with premium aqua therapies and yoga sessions right at the Eco Deck. This residential property holds various recreational zones and bestows a picturesque view of Yogi Hill.


This residential hub – Sheth Montana’s Blissberg – is situated in a convenient location of Mulund that provides excellent convenience and connectivity to the airport, railway stations, highways, hospitals, schools, malls, and other important sites. In addition to Navi Mumbai and Thane-Kalyan, the entire region of South Bombay and the western suburbs are in easy reach from this location.


While providing world-class comfort and exceptional facilities to the residents at Sheth Montana, the designers have built this entire project in compliance with Indian Vastu standards. This spacious abode caters to the lifestyle of the high-end society and blends seamlessly with the surrounding natural beauty.

Connected to Nature

This world-class project features the ambience of an irresistible lifestyle and is adorned with natural beauty and a touch of paradise. All of the apartments on the site are designed to enjoy abundant natural light and ventilation. Moreover, it is smartly designed to ensure that no space is wasted, allowing every corner of the area to be utilized to the fullest.

Sheth Montana is a modern and stunning project with four massive towers, each 45 stories high. It will be home to thousands of new residents who are looking for a lively and spectacular location. There are not only exceptional amenities and exteriors that will provide residents with a luxurious stay, but the stunning interiors with exquisite decor will project an aura of royalty.

As a leading real estate developer with over 35 years of experience, Ashwin Sheth Group has developed over 80 diversified projects for commercial and residential use. Sheth Montana in Mulund is yet another remarkable project by us that will be known as a landmark in the area. With our stunning projects to come, we are driven by a conviction that we can elevate the standard of living and comfort for potential residents.

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