Things people with spotless houses do everyday

Now discover the secrets to being Monica Geller! Here are some easy tips that tell you how to keep your home spotlessly shiny every day.

Ever been to your friend’s home and wondered how she manages to be the perfect picture of Monica Geller by keeping everything spick and span? The amount of work that must go into creating a lavish, spotless abode must be phenomenal, one thinks. But we’re here to tell you that in fact, it’s quite the opposite! With these crucial tips, you’ll discover how easy it can get to keep your home clean by inculcating some essential habits in your everyday life.

Living room

The first impression is the last impression when it comes to your living room! This is a social space where great ideas as well as trivial gossip are discussed with equal enthusiasm. So, it becomes super essential that you create an unblemished and relaxing space for your family and friends to feel comfortable. Here are some tips that the Monica’s of this world do to host a perfect gathering in the living room!

  • Keep a shoe rack at the entrance of the home. This ensures that everyone takes their shoes right off right at the entrance instead of parading them around the house! This little trick prevents the outside grime and dirt from entering your home.
  • Ensure that the shelves showcase a light and open ambience with only a few choice decor pieces on display. Moreover – instead of displaying all your glass crockery, crystal and silver pieces, opt for only one or two that will bring an instant oomph to your living space. This facilitates easy cleaning of the decor and the shelves every week.
  • If you own a bookshelf, it is advisable that you stack only those books that you will be reading again. Bookshelves require the most maintenance! Ensure that you clean yours at least once a month to prevent bookworms and spiders from eating your precious well-read pages.
  • Another trick is having dark wood furnishings. This gives your sofa, shelves, and coffee tables a richer look, without dust being immediately visible. Besides, if your furniture isn’t cluttered, it takes only a few minutes to quickly dust these surfaces! Dusting every two days will help you achieve a pristine living room.
  • Place a large decorative storage box in a corner of your living room where you can chuck in all the kids toys to prevent clutter. You can also easily DIY it with the help of a cardboard box, painting it with cute cartoon animals and such.


Our bedrooms speak a lot about our personality and a spotless bedroom will always be an inviting and sheltered space for you. So, take advantage of these easy tips to wake up to an immaculate bedroom each day!

  • Ensure that you make your bed immediately after you wake up every day. This automatically gives a light, airy and clean look to your bedroom. Besides, this habit will simply make it easier to sink on the bed after a hard day at work!
  • Say an absolute “No” to junk drawers! Instead, have a place for everything in your bedroom, and keep things in their place immediately to avoid clutter from building up in a forgotten drawer which you may have to give a rigorous clean come Diwali.
  • Make decluttering your best friend! Donate or sell your old clothes and shoes which don’t fit you anymore; destash expired makeup, and chuck broken earrings in the bin. This will create more space in your wardrobe for things that you actually use and require in your everyday life.

  • Another wardrobe hack is to simply hang your clothes back in the wardrobe at the end of each day to ensure that you don’t clutter your bed or chair with them. Right from socks to belts and innerwear – keep everything organized in your wardrobe so that items are easy to find when you have to rush. Also, Invest in some good baskets for efficient storage.
  • Have a laundry bag tucked in a niche in your room to avoid cluttering the rest of the room. This also allows you to be ready with your laundry when the washing machine needs to be run, instead of frantically hunting for dirty clothes around your room!

  • If you own an office desk, it’s best to always keep it organized with the papers, files, and stationery tucked in drawers. Keep a spare cloth inside one of the drawers which will be handy when you need to wipe away dust on the laptop, desktop screens, or even the worktop.


Want to know the ultimate secret on how to keep your home clean? Never underestimate your kitchen! From wiping the kitchen counter to washing dishes on time – this space requires the most upkeep to enable you to prepare the most delicious and nutritious food at home. Here are a few simple tips that will make all your messy kitchen woes go away!

  • Make a strict habit to clean your kitchen countertops as soon as you’re done cooking or even while waiting for the food to cook. This helps keep your kitchen spotless all the time!
  • Never go to sleep without dishes waiting to be washed in the kitchen sink! Dishwashing right after each meal or at least a pile twice a day prevents insects, germs, mould, and bad odours from entering your kitchen.

  • When it comes to condiments, pulses, and other food items – it’s best to keep a highly organized pantry! This not only allows for easy cleaning later but also helps you keep account of the food being used per month. Use glass jars for storage as it gives a pristine look to your kitchen and also makes it easy to see where everything is kept. Ensure that you keep clean the jars and wipe the pantry shelves every 15 days.
  • Don’t overstock your fridge. Buy items that you need for one week as fruits, veggies and meat tend to lose their freshness and nutrition if kept for a longer time in the refrigerator. It’s also super important that you wash all the refrigerator compartments thoroughly every other month or so.
  • Prep your meals for the week so you know exactly what to do each day in the kitchen! This helps in quickly cooking food as well as avoids unnecessary messes in the kitchen.


A bathroom is what spectacularly makes or breaks your home impressions, especially when guests are visiting! Here are some habits you can develop to keep things hygienic and even lavish in your bathroom.

  • Ensure that everyone has separate footwear to wear in the bathroom to avoid germs from getting inside.
  • Clean those bathroom flooring and wall tiles often. All it takes is a swipe of the mop every night! This will prevent your tiles from getting stained. Besides this, use a disinfectant cleaning solution or baking soda to thoroughly wash the bathroom every week.

  • Hang a wash towel near your sink, so that you may wipe it clean every time you use it. This guarantees that your basin will always be shiny clean, with no toothpaste blobs or residues left on it.
  • Don’t forget the bathroom mirror! Cultivate the habit to wipe it clean with a cloth after using it as this prevents stains from setting on it later.
  • Keep an air freshener or even an aromatic oil burning in your bathroom to spread good fragrances all around this space. This is sure to make anyone feel good when entering your lavish bathroom!

Most importantly, the secret to any clean home is to have a dedicated space for everything so that you can keep things exactly where they belong, immediately after you use them. This avoids unnecessary clutter and gives an impression of a well-kept home.

Besides this, we suggest that you divide all the duties and chores for all members in your household. Such an all hands on deck strategy allows all members of the home to feel responsible for keeping the home clean, and reduces significant time and energy in doing chores.

At Ashwin Sheth Group, we’ve given you a complete list of things you can do to ensure that your living spaces stay spotless and give a glamorous vibe to everyone who enters your home. After all, a clean home is a happy and healthy home!

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