Tips for Homebuyers to check Construction Quality of House

Tips for Home buyers

There are many residential properties in Mumbai, but what is essential is to find a house that meets high-quality standards. Living in an unsafe building can be risky for you and your family. Therefore, it is necessary to inspect the construction quality of the house, especially if you are buying an under-construction flat.
Are you interested to know how to check the quality of the construction? To make it easy, Ashwin Sheth Group has curated a list of points to check the construction quality of a house.

6 Best Ways To Check The Construction Quality Of Your New House

  • Soil Type

Soil is the base of every construction and a vital aspect of the quality check of the building. Some soil types are not able to support high-rise buildings. If the soil is not stable, the foundation of the building can be affected or even collapse. The type of soil determines the strength of the house.
Credible builders like Ashwin Sheth Group always use the right soil to enhance the stability and durability of the building. Soils like sandy, loamy, and chalky are good for construction, allowing the foundation to remain strong. It is better to get a soil test done by a professional construction expert.

  • Structural Design

Another critical aspect to consider is the basic structural design of a building. While inspecting, you should check the shape and composition of walls, beams, columns, and roofs to understand the strength and stability of a building.
Ashwin Sheth Group’s flats in Mumbai are built on a structural design that ensures maximum safety and rigidity to the building.

  • Wall Thickness

The thickness of the walls should match the measurements mentioned in the legal documents of the property. If the walls are not thick and strong, they will create a hole or crack.
If your house is in the under-construction phase, visit the construction site and check the quality by pressing against the wall or inserting a sharp object such as a key to see if it is solid or hollow inside. If the wall creates cracks easily or seems weak, then it means that the builder has not complied with good quality standards.
Ashwin Sheth Group always ensures using good quality construction materials to build real estate properties in Mumbai.

  • Plastering Quality

Most home buyers tend to overlook small cracks on wall plastering. Some buildings may have cracks in the corners or lower portion of the walls, which may be covered under a coat of paint. The wall cracks may be a sign of poor-quality plastering or even water leakage.

  • Fittings and Fixtures

Check the quality of fittings and fixtures that can affect the residents’ comfort level. Check the fittings in the kitchen, bathroom, and other places like showerheads, washbasin, and drainage pipes are of good quality and functioning smoothly. Similarly, check for the proper placement of doors and window panes and ensure that all joints are fixed and lubricated to avoid creaking noises while opening.

  • Concrete Mix

Concrete mix is one of the crucial factors behind the long life of any construction, which determines the load-bearing capacity of a building. You can check the quality of concrete by driving a nail into the wall. If the nail gets inserted easily without much effort, then it means that the concrete quality is not good.

Buying a house is a capital-intensive investment; hence you should never compromise on the quality. It doesn’t matter if you want to buy a 2 BHK flat in Mumbai or 3 BHK; these construction quality checklists will help you make a wise decision while buying a house.

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