Tips to Improve Natural Lighting in Your Home

Tips to Improve Natural Lighting in Your Home

Natural light in a home is always beneficial for your health and well-being as it enhances your mood, sleep quality, and vision. It not only brings positivity and energy to your lives but also adds the feeling of more space to your home. Another advantage of natural light is that it helps conserve electricity during the daytime.

Keeping natural light in mind,Ashwin Sheth Group built well-ventilated airy homes to improve your lifestyle. If you live in a flat that does not get adequate natural light, we have curated a list of things to enhance the natural lighting in your home.

5 Ways to Bring Natural Light to Your House

  • Install Glass Doors and Windows

Installing glass doors and windows can bring abundant natural light into your interior. They create more openness and help your home feel sun-drenched, fresh, and livelier than you can imagine.
Consider replacing the solid doors and windows with sliding glass or French doors. If you are concerned about privacy while having more glass doors in your home, frosted or etched glass can be your ideal choice.

  • Use Lighter, Brighter Interior Wall and Ceiling Paints

You would have studied in school that light colors reflect light and darker colors absorb it. So why not apply the same theory here and choose to paint your walls and ceiling with a lighter color.
Consider painting your ceiling plain white to brighten up the room. You can opt for light color furniture and home accessories too. For example, if you are buying a floor rug, consider getting one with light shades like white, grey, or something similar.

  • Choose Sleek and Space-Saving Furniture

Did you know that the placement of your furniture can alter the lighting? The wrong furniture placement against the window is a major reason for blocking natural light in homes. Therefore, it is important to find the right spot for your furniture.
Consider moving any tall furniture which may be blocking the daylight to darker corners so the light can flow across the space. Avoid cluttering your room with heavy furniture and invest in sleek, space-saving sofa sets, chairs, and bookshelves. Anything that creates more shadows in the room should be avoided.

  • Place Large Mirrors to Reflect Maximum Light

Mirrors can do wonders when it comes to adding beauty to a space and reflecting natural light in your home. Consider placing the mirrors opposite the windows and balcony doors to make the most of the light coming in. Nowadays, interior designers give a lot of importance to mirrors as they are stylish and functional.

  • Choose Light Colored and Airy Curtains

The right color for curtains can create a significant impact on room lighting. Consider white or light-colored airy curtains to reduce the intensity of sunlight while still evoking a brightly lit aura within your spaces. Another alternative is installing window blinds that are very easy to open and close as per your requirements.

All these ideas are effective for improving the natural lighting in your home. So, now you know the tricks, you can implement them to enjoy living in a beautiful sunlit home.

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