Give your living room a breath of fresh air with the right sofa

From hosting a lavish dinner party to finding your quick snooze spot – a sofa is that comfy haven in our house where we may unwind, relax and be our true selves. Such an important furniture piece not only transforms our living spaces beautifully but is also a place that sparks many meaningful conversations.

With so many purposes being served – it’s quite a big deal when we go out in the world to find our ultimate “the one” who will not steal the popcorn while we’re watching Netflix. But before you go out to buy that perfect couch – read ahead as we give you the ultimate sofa buying guide that will make this purchasing process super easy for you.

Measure the home space

The most crucial thing to do before you even go to look at prospective sofas is to measure the space you have for it in your home. Get an accurate idea of the space where your sofa will be placed with the help of a measuring tape. Have these measurements on hand when you go shopping for a sofa.

Don’t forget to also measure the height and width of the doorways in your house so that the sofa can be brought through these spaces easily! It will surely save you from being stuck in a situation like Ross Geller’s who was left shouting “PIVOT” while trying to push his poor sofa up the stairwell.

Choose your sofa style

The question to ask here is what are you looking for? When it comes to selecting a sofa, it is always better to choose a style that goes along with the required functionality. 

If you’re looking to binge-watch shows comfortably, then a Recliner sofa will be ideal for you. On the other hand, if you want extra space in the living room for guests to snooze at – you can opt for a sofa bed. Your sofa style should strike a good balance between practicality and aesthetics.

Check the fittings

Once you’ve chosen your style, it’s time to check the fit of the sofa. We suggest you do the old “sit and check” method first – Check if the seats are snug and the depth of the seating is proper for your height. Ideally – the couch back comfortably supports your back with your knees being slightly forward of the lower seat cushion and your feet touching flat on the floor. If you’re a frequent couch napper, don’t hesitate to lay down to check if the sofa is large enough for sleeping comfortably.

P.S. Do you need another golden tip from our sofa buying guide? Check if the arms of the sofa are tight and don’t give way even slightly when you lean on them. This inspection is useful especially when you have energetic children in the house who often enjoy leaning too much on the sofa arms.

Opt for a sturdy frame

A high-quality sofa frame will see you through a lot of years. This is why it’s better to choose a sturdy wooden frame rather than settle for those made from particleboard, metal, or plastic as they crack easily. Frames made from hardwood such as Teak, Mango Wood, Sheesham, Acacia Sal etc. are the ideal choice as they are durable and long-lasting.

While choosing the frame – another aspect to also consider is the joinery as these are components that hold the frame together. So, remember to look for frames that are joined with wooden dowels, corner blocks, screws, and metal brackets. A top-notch frame and joinery together will give strength to the couch, so that you may not have to run around for repairs later.

P.S. Remember to inspect how the legs are attached to the couch. Avoid buying a sofa if the legs are merely glued on instead of being held with screws or dowels.

Consider the suspensions

Always buy a sofa that has springs attached to hold the cushions together instead of merely being joined by webbing or mesh. The springs usually come in two types of qualities:

  • Most sofas are made with Serpentine springs – S-shaped springs that are wrapped up and down between frame members to give strength to the depth of the sofa. However, there is a chance that these may sag over time if the metal used isn’t the required thickness.
  • Many luxury sofas, on the other hand, use 8-way-hand-tied springs – a series of metal coils joined with a layer of metal or twine. These tend to be more comfortable but are often priced on the higher side.

Invest in high quality filling

The sofa filling is a big part of how your couch will feel when you lounge on it. The filling needs to be sturdy yet comfortable with cushions that automatically regain their shape when you press down and then let go.

Generally, the material used for the filling is Polyurethane foam as it is quite strong and easy to maintain. Luxury end sofas, on the other hand, are made from goose down mixed with feathers. The important thing here is to find the right balance between a foam that is durable but not too hard, and a soft foam that is comfortable but will not wear easily.

Focus on upholstery

Lastly – choose upholstery that matches the mood you want to create in your home spaces. The fabric too must be able to suffer a bit of wear and tear, yet look classy in your home.

Fabrics are generally made from either natural materials or synthetic fibres. While natural fibres are cool to the touch, synthetic fibres, on the other hand, are relatively long-lasting, less prone to sinkage, and easier to maintain. If you have pets – you may go for a good quality leather cover as it is durable. The fabric you choose depends on your requirements.

Another aspect to observe is the stitching and patterns on the upholstery. Patterns and stripes on the upholstery should match at the seams as this gives a finished and elegant look to the sofa. Avoid a cover where the seams are pulled together at one corner, as it may have some defects in its tailoring.

At Ashwin Sheth Group, we believe that quality home decor is crucial for good home design as well as an aesthetic that will inspire you in your daily life. We hope you find this sofa purchase guide useful and get that luxurious couch home where you may sit with your friends and family enjoying delightful conversations.

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