Mental health Is a Universal Human Right in the Work Place

Prabhakar Azad, CPPO, Ashwin Sheth Group

October is a month to spread awareness about the Mental Health and this year’s theme is ‘Mental Health is a universal Human Right’. As rightly mentioned, a healthy mind resides in a healthy body, we need to understand the importance of mental health and wellness.

The first question is what is wellness, is it that we are functioning so we are all well or is it that we can perform the daily chores so we are well?

If we are fit and can utilise the maximum potential of our brain and body then we are fit. In the current scenario everyone is hard-pressed for time, performance and achieving targets, be it personal or professional. Constantly in a state of mind where only a small portion of the brain is being utilised and the rest is being put behind or the body’s regular fixed routine in which only certain parts are being utilised, hence redundancy is setting up.

Stress is a state of mind where fear of loss or losing something is being triggered because of a certain action or to-be-received action. The answer is simple: we have a brain that still functions and triggers as flight or fight. We need to train the brain that the situation doesn’t require us to react in the state of flight or fight.

Now the question is how do we do it?

We have to first compose ourselves by doing different kinds of relaxation exercises or by catharsis. Regular physical exercises and mental exercises need to be done to be adept at handling situations and not panicking. Meditations and physical and mental exercises help the brain and body to get exposed to situations beforehand.

Living in the present and enjoying every moment reduces stressful moments and the brain becomes healthier and healthier. Taking short breaks from time to time in the form of vacations or excursions is a great idea. As in maths, we say that every time you try to solve a problem in a particular way then the result will come the same. Hence, a different pattern, approach or method is required to have the desired result. As all of us spend maximum hours at our workplace, what is that the employers can provide and employees can expect:

  1. Safe, clean and conducive work environment where employees’ rights are taken care of
  2. POSH is well defined
  3. Employees are heard and redressal is provided at the earliest
  4. Proper tools and tackles to help perform
  5. Clarity of JD, KRA, KPI, SLA and TATs are defined for ease of work and delivery
  6. Exposure to apt technology and regular skill upgradation
  7. Apt Insurance coverages to take care of self and family
  8. Retirement benefits as per statutory guidelines (Minimum)
  9. Well-defined leave policy as per statutory and progressive thought
  10. Group engagements
  11. Ergonomic work environment
  12. Open Culture at the workplace
  13. Crèche and canteen facility
  14. Sports and fitness programs

Hence, at last, I would like to state that to be fit one needs to have the right mindset and clear goal set. We at, Ashwin Sheth Group, are implementing several policies and programs for employees’ mental well-being and having a great work culture & and workforce.

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