Best Tips to Turn Your Home Into a Stress Relieving Abode

A wise man once said “We shape our home and then our home shapes us!”

Home is a space where we escape the many woes of our work life. As sir Winston Churchill said, the environment we create in our safe space shapes our thoughts, feelings, and actions. Escaping from stress is only possible when you are in your own space that constantly provides you with happy thoughts.

Life is unpredictable- on some days you may face unfortunate situations that you want to run away from and on other days you may enjoy the joyous moments presented before you in life. In either of these situations, home is where you would find the utmost comfort, don’t you agree?

At Ashwin Sheth Group, we care about your well being and hence, are bringing to you certain tips and tricks that will help you turn your home into a stress relieving abode:

Unclutter your safe space:

The clutter in your space directly leads to the clutter in your head. Your home is supposed to make you calm in tough situations and cradle you with love in your moments of happiness. Uncluttering your home will immediately have a positive impact on your mental state.

Treat your olfactory senses

A space that is clean of foul smell and is always fragrant can positively impact your mood, making you happy, comfortable, and satisfied. Placing a diffuser at the entrance of your home and scented candles across your living room, bed room, and bathroom, can prove to be very helpful in lifting your spirits and creating a positive aura around you.

Embrace the power of nature

Enjoying your time in your happy space is an activity that should be carried out on a regular basis to improve your mood. On being surrounded by plants, the atmosphere instantly raises your spirit and provides you an experience of tranquillity and comfort.

Yellow is your colour

It is a fact that lighting has a great effect on your frame of mind. The presence of yellow light has been said to enhance your mood during your lows. The yellow colour, just like the sun’s rays, has a calming effect on your spirit. Hence, the placement of yellow lights in your home is sure to create a calm atmosphere, leading to a great feeling.

A major part of cleaning your headspace is keeping your home clean. All rooms in your house are equally important and deserve the effort of turning it into a safe space that lifts your spirits when you are down and keep your joy consistent for longer periods of time. Creating an inviting and calm atmosphere does not just enhance your mood but enables you to enjoy all your moments spent in your safe haven.

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