Ebony Club - Ashwin Sheth Group

Redefining the
Meaning of Luxury

When Masters of Design and Architecture meet Connoisseurs of Excellence, wondrous spaces under the name ‘The Ebony Club’ are born. Under these spaces fall the Ebony Edition Homes – a collection of the most exquisite residences, with exclusive amenities, for the elite few.

These residences are such that it breaks the mould and yet remain spellbindingly unchanged; where experiences are designed to be felt and cherished. Developed by Ashwin Sheth Group, The Ebony Club is thus an affirmation of all things unapologetically fabulous, heart-warmingly sophisticated and crafted for opulent living.


Create your personal stories and experiences with The Ebony Club. These are spaces where rare and unexpected pleasures of life are artfully woven to inspire a royal sense of living.


Owning an Ebony Edition Home means welcoming a host of special privileges and accesses such as concierge services, mini theatre, infinity pool, gaming arcade, lounge area etc. that shape the most sophisticated of everyday living.


Step into the world of luxe living designed by the masters of design and architecture – Sussanne Khan, ZZ Architects and Coopers Hills as they grace the Ebony Club with their distinct designs and architect marvel

A glimpse of what defines The Ebony Club