It’s Never Too Late to Buy a Home

No such thing as too late in real estate

Are you in your 40s or 50s without having any property? Are you worried about your financial future? What if we tell you, it’s never too late to buy a home? Although most property experts suggest starting the investment journey as early as possible, there is a no-age limit, and there is no such thing as ‘too late’ in real estate.

Buying a home is one of the biggest financial investments you will make to secure your future. If you are earning a good income, have accumulated sufficient money for the down payment, and can pay EMIs regularly, the decision to buy a home is never too late for you.

Much like starting a business, buying a home requires a carefully planned approach. From a location to the types of amenities you need, everything plays a significant role in selecting the right property.

Here are some tips that will help you while buying a home:

Set a Budget

Budget is the first and foremost factor that affects your choice of home. If your budget is high, you have better options to find better properties. Understand your income, expenses, savings and check your credit score to assess the amount you can manage for a down payment. In short, it is essential to ensure how much you are ready to spend on your new home and whether that will affect your financial stability.

The easy availability of home loans has made people increase their budgets. But it is always wise to be mindful of setting up a budget with no unwanted financial crisis in the future.

Choose an Appropriate Location

Location is an important factor when buying a house
Choosing an appropriate location is an important factor when buying a house. Properties at important locations prove to be more profitable as their value increases over time. Not all can afford to buy a property in a well-developed area. Therefore, it is better to choose the next best option – a place that is likely to prosper a few months or a year or two down the line. You must thoroughly check and assess the scope of growth before investing.

Ashwin Sheth Group understands the importance of location. That is why our focus has been on building residential properties in developed areas. Our new construction in Kanjurmarg, Sheth Avante, is strategically located in close proximity to schools, colleges, hospitals, malls, and hotels.

Size of the House

You should keep a long-term vision for selecting the size of the home as you don’t buy a house every other year. You may be living alone now, but you must consider the requirements of a family in the future. Having an extra room is always best in case you have to host a guest at home. Considering all these things will help you select the perfect size to avoid space issues later.

Consider Amenities

Gym Amenities

Amenities play a significant role in defining the quality of your life. That is why people nowadays want to invest in homes that offer amenities like gyms, spas, clubs and much more to complement their modern lifestyle.

For example, buying a property with a children’s play area is a good option if you have little kids. If you have your car, you will need a garage or a parking lot. Therefore, it is important to choose the amenities carefully, which will add up to the total cost of your home.

Understanding the needs of today’s homebuyers, Ashwin Sheth Group focuses on developing amenities-rich homes equipped with state-of-the-art amenities. Our new residential project in Kanjurmarg, Sheth Avante, is packed with amenities like a gymnasium, jogging track, swimming pool, themed garden, multipurpose hall, rooftop yoga deck, and much more to offer the best lifestyle choices.

Choose a Reputed Builder

Since buying a home is a big investment, it is essential to check the credentials of the builder. Know the builder’s reputation and check whether it has delivered projects on time in the past. It is always good to go for a builder who has goodwill in the market.

Ashwin Sheth Group is one of India’s leading real estate companies and holds a record of consistent experience and performance. With over 80 diversified luxury projects across Mumbai and Dubai, Ashwin Sheth Group has nestled over 25,000 happy families in their dream homes.

We give priority to delivering projects on time. This professionalism has been helping us to retain customers’ trust and confidence. All our real estate projects in Mumbai are registered under RERA, making us MahaRERA compliant.

We disclose every detail of our undergoing projects on RERA’s official website, including plans related to layouts, stage-wise completion status, government approvals, and other crucial information. All this information helps home buyers stay informed about the developments related to projects.

With over 80 diversified luxury projects across Mumbai and Dubai, Ashwin Sheth Group has nestled over 25,000 happy families in their dream homes.

For homebuyers, the process of buying a home can be daunting. However, these above-mentioned tips can help you plan properly and make your first home purchase an experience to remember.

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