Navigating the Financial Markets in the Current Scenario

Navigating the Financial Markets in the Current Scenario

-Gauri Tandle, CFO, Ashwin Sheth Group

As the CFO of a leading real estate company, I have witnessed first-hand the challenges and opportunities that come with navigating the dynamic world of financial markets. In this blog post, I aim to share some valuable insights to help fellow traders and investors enhance their decision-making processes and improve their chances of long-term profitability.

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Here’s How to Buy an Affordable Luxury Apartment for Sale in Mumbai

Mumbai, touted as the city of dreams, is home to millions of people from all walks of life. A melting pot of cultures and the commercial capital of the country, owning a home in the city can be a real asset. Not only does it add immense value to your portfolio, but having a home of your own can improve your life in Mumbai.

While earlier you had to settle for an apartment that met your bare minimum requirements, today you can live a luxe life. If you’ve been awestruck by a sprawling home featured in a film or have fantasised about living in a glamorous home, then a luxury apartment is just what you need. Today, more and more developers are creating luxury apartments that make your daily life grand and opulent. If you’re on the lookout for a luxury flat for sale in Mumbai, then ASG’s guide will help you find one that ticks all the boxes.


Achieve a Trendy and Modern Look with These False Ceiling Designs for Hall

It is often said that first impressions are the ones that last the longest and your home is no exception. Whether you’re entertaining guests or hosting clients, the first thing any visitor sees when they enter your home is your living room. Ideally, you want your living room to reflect your personality and aesthetic sensibilities. While furniture and paint can help spruce up the space, such changes can only do so much. To leave a lasting impression on visitors and completely transform the look of your living room you have to opt for modern interior design elements. One of the more popular modern hall décor features is a POP ceiling pattern. If you’re unfamiliar, a POP ceiling for the living room is a false ceiling that creates an illusion of depth, layers, and textures. Today, you can choose from a plethora of false ceiling designs for the living room.

Here is a list of the most popular POP designs for the hall to help you find one that is perfect for you and your home.


Best Places to Live in Mumbai for Your Real Estate Investment

Mumbai, often dubbed the city of dreams, lives up to its reputation. It’s a place where opportunities abound, both professionally and personally. To truly capitalize on what the city has to offer, investing in the right kind of property is essential.

While owning a house in the city might seem like a life milestone, the location is what makes or breaks your investment. If you’re planning to make a home for yourself in the city, then certain localities in Mumbai will serve you perfectly. The best locations to live in Mumbai are those that allow you to stay connected to the thrum of the city while enjoying your share of tranquillity. To help you make an informed decision, here are some of the best places to live in Mumbai.


Everything You Need to Know About the Difference Between Sale and Agreement to Sell

Whether you’re creating your dream home or investing in a commercial space, buying property is no small affair. Since it requires a fair bit of capital, it is important to ensure that any real estate transactions you enter go smoothly. To ensure that you buy or sell property without any hassle, you must stay abreast with the associated legal compliances and proceedings. One of the main aspects of transferring property is the contractual nature of the transaction. While it is easy to conflate contracts like a sale and an agreement to sell, there is a difference between the two. Here is a handy guide to delineate how an agreement to sell differs from a sale.

What is a Sale?

Before getting into the nitty-gritty of what is the difference between sale and agreement to sale, it is important to understand what the two terms entail. The legal statute that largely governs the buying and selling of real estate is the Transfer of Property Act of 1882. According to Section 54 of the Act, a sale has been defined as a transfer of ownership executed for a price. The price can be fully paid, promised, or partly paid and partly promised. In plain language, a sale occurs when the ownership of a property is transferred from the seller to the buyer in exchange for a certain sum.

What is an Agreement to Sell?

Next, to fully comprehend the difference between sale and agreement to sale, we need to look at the Sale of Goods Act of 1930. Section 4 (3) of the act explains the context of the difference between sale and agreement to sell. It states that when a transfer of ownership occurs between a seller and a buyer under a contract, it is known as a sale. However, when the transfer of property is dated for the future or subject to a contingency, the contract is known as an agreement to sell. So, it is safe to say that while a sale is immediate, an agreement to sell is a promise regarding a future transaction.

What is the Difference Between Sale and an Agreement to Sell?

It is common for people to assume that there is no difference between a sale and an agreement to sell. However, the definitions provided above made it clear that the two terms denote different legal proceedings. On the face of it, it is safe to say that an agreement to sell is a broader term wherein a seller and buyer agree to transfer of property in exchange for a sum at a future date. However, when this transfer takes place immediately, it is deemed as a sale. To help you understand the finer differences between sale and agreement to sell, here is a handy guide:

Meaning: As mentioned, a sale is a contract wherein the exchange of goods or transfer of property occurs immediately in exchange for a consideration. On the other hand, an agreement to sell is a future promise to transfer property from the seller to the buyer.

Transfer: In a sale, the transfer of property and ownership is immediate since it functions as an executed contract. On the other hand, an agreement to sell is an executory contract and its time of performance is set for a future date.

Legal Jurisdiction: A sale is subject to a range of statutes such as the Indian Contract Act of 1872, the Transfer of Property Act of 1882, and the Sale of Goods Act of 1930. However, an agreement to sell is primarily subject to only the Sale of Goods Act of 1930.

Rights: A sale gives the buyer a right in rem (against the entire world) whereas an agreement to sell only gives the buyer and seller rights in person (right against each other).

Title: The title of the property is transferred from the seller to the buyer once a sale is executed. However, even though an agreement to sell is in place, the title of the property resides with the seller till the execution of the sale.

Risk and Responsibility: When a sale has been executed, any loss or damage to the property is the buyer’s responsibility. Similarly, all risk associated with the property is also transferred to the buyer. On the other hand, after an agreement to sell, any loss or damage to the property is still the seller’s responsibility. The risk associated with the property also remains with the seller.

Tax: When a sale occurs, tax is charged at the time of sale depending on the nature and price of the property. No tax is levied on an agreement to sell. 

Relation: When an agreement to sell is executed, it becomes a sale. On the other hand, an agreement to sell is the basis for a sale deed.

Now that you’re more aware of the difference between sale and agreement to sale, make sure that you follow all legal compliances while entering real estate transactions. To smoothen the process, it is best to choose property developed by reliable builders like ASG Developers. With premium residential and commercial properties all over Mumbai and Thane, ASG Developers allows you to invest in spaces that make for a better life.


The primary difference between a sale and an agreement to sale is that a sale is an immediate transfer of ownership whereas an agreement to sale is the promise to transfer ownership at a future date if certain payment terms or other conditions are fulfilled.

An agreement to sell and a sale cover different legal aspects of the transfer of a property. While an agreement to sell binds two people in a contract and bestows legal rights against each other, a sale fully transfers the ownership of property from the seller to the buyer and gives the latter rights against the world at large.

Innovative and Secure Window Grill Designs to Watch Out for in 2024

A home is more than just four walls and a roof; it also comprises windows that let you cherish wonderful views and bask in natural sunlight. While searching for the ideal home, it is important to keep an eye out on the windows. Windows are responsible for the quality of airflow, ventilation, and amount of light that floods into your apartment. Such elements can make or break the quality of your life in your home. Whether you live on lower floors or on the top floors of a high-rise, it’s important for your windows to be fitted with grills. While grills prevent unwanted intruders, birds, and rodents from entering your home, they also protect you from a fall. However, simply because they are functional does not mean that window grills cannot be stylish. Today, you can choose from a range of window grill designs for the home. To help you find window grill styles that do the job while blending in with your aesthetic, here is a handy style guide.


A Complete Guide on Stamp Duty and Registration Charges in Thane

In recent decades, Thane has ascended as a premier real estate destination. Positioned near Mumbai’s commercial hub, it provides a serene and peaceful lifestyle. Thane exceeds expectations, whether you’re seeking commercial or residential properties. Yet, to maximize the returns on your Thane property investment, meticulous attention to the purchasing process is crucial. Among the pivotal steps in any real estate acquisition is the payment of stamp duty charges and subsequent property registration. The same legal protocols and compliances hold true for property transactions in Thane.

To help you buy real estate in the district seamlessly, here is a handy guide on the stamp duty and registration charges in Thane.


How To Save Capital Gains Tax on the Sale of a Residential Property

Property remains a valuable investment, offering opportunities for rental income or resale. When selling residential property, it’s crucial to consider associated tax implications. When selling a residential property in India, you incur a tax known as capital gains. While evasion is illegal, there are strategies to reduce the amount owed.

If you are in the market to sell a residential house or flat, here is everything you need to know about how to save capital gains tax on the sale of a residential property.


Here’s Everything You Need to Know About the Difference Between Residential and Commercial Property

In India’s growing real estate sector, property is a valuable investment. By purchasing property, you can enhance your portfolio and potentially earn rental income or appreciation upon resale. It’s crucial to select the right type of property for successful real estate investing, considering factors like usage (commercial or residential) and your financial situation.

To help you make an informed choice, here is a handy guide delineating the difference between residential and commercial property.


The Rise of Spacious Homes and Community Recreation in Western Suburbs!

Bhavik Bhandari, CSMO, Ashwin Sheth Group

With rising demand for properties, the Indian real estate market is steadily expanding. In major cities, sales increased by a record 68% over the previous fiscal year. The luxury or premium segment was responsible for 50% of this growth the previous year. According to Knight Frank India, 75% of homebuyers choose to purchase within their familiar micro-market of western suburbs. Mumbai’s market for luxury homes experienced a notable upswing, with 533 units sold in H1 2023 as opposed to 419 in 2022. Due to such rising demand for purchasing, ‘Jodi flats’ or duplexes to enjoy the sumptuous space are becoming more and more popular among purchasers who desire larger luxury apartments. Due to its excellent connectivity and social infrastructure, Mumbai’s new metro connectivity has made it a popular residential destination, drawing significant business and IT activity, and increasing demand for residential housing. This trend is anticipated to continue into 2024, propelled by ultra-HNIs and high-net-worth individuals.
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