Super easy Diwali home decoration ideas

Diwali, the festival of lights, is one of the biggest occasions celebrated in Indian households. A period of 4 days, filled with sweets, spectacular outfits, jewellery, and a whole lot of fun. It is that time of the year when people start coming up with ideas to beautifully decorate and light up their homes. In the spirit of the festive season, Ashwin Sheth Group brings you 8 creative and super easy festive decor ideas:

Light it up

Diwali is associated with the victory of good over evil, and lights symbolise goodness and positivity. The more the lights, the merrier the environment.
The simplicity of this decor item adds elegance and a unique charm to the evening, making it the most beautiful time of the year.
Imagine a canopy of fairy lights in the backyard, hula hoop chandeliers hanging near the entrance to your home, painted glass lamps adding a simple touch of colour to break the monotony,& mason jar lights placed on tables in each corner of the house. Doesn’t it already sound beautiful?

Add some colour

You can always pair the beauty of lights with a set of lovely colours. What we mean to say is, get creative, make a rangoli of your favourite design.
Welcome your guests with a beautiful rangoli that can be made with powdered colours and flowers too!
You can also enhance your Rangoli by placing a number of diyas around the masterpiece.

Do you still have some space around your art?

You can fill it up by placing a lovely glass or brass (Vintage looks are always appreciated) bowl filled with water, a variety of flowers, and floating candles that release an aroma. Trust me when I say this; your guests will not stop with the compliments.

Beautify the inside of your home

The lights and rangoli definitely aid in giving your family and guests a warm welcome, but why stop there?
It’s time to beautify the inside of your home too!
You can add small decorative items in the corners of your home to enhance the look and feel, making it festival ready!

Here are some ideas that you could pick from:

  • Place flowers and diyas on your centre table
  • Hang unique lights and decor in your living area
  • Keep your dry fruits and other snacks in a unique box on your coffee table
  • Add runners across your dining and coffee table
  • Place scented candles all over your home

Dine with a view

Dining with your entire family at a festival has a different charm altogether. Don’t you agree?
To ensure a great experience, why not spruce up your dining table a little, right?

You can do the following:

  • Add a potpourri bowl to the centre of your table
  • Place a bowl of floating candles to add a traditional look
  • Bring out your absolute best crockery and mats
  • Place a runner
  • Follow a system to set the table to avoid clutter

Fresh flowers are the best ornament

Whether it is a Gajra in your hair or colourful flowers decorating your house, it truly is the best ornament.
Fresh flowers not only look beautiful or spread a lovely aroma but have been known to have an uplifting and brightening effect on your mood.

To be honest, nothing says festivals more than flowers do. It is the perfect decor item, and here are a few ways you could use it:

  • Decorate the idol and puja thaali with marigold (Genda Phool)
  • Make a garland curtain
  • Dedicate a spot for pictures and decorate it with flower bowls or a backdrop
  • Make a wall hanging using flowers
  • Tie your curtains back with a garland

Don’t forget the tea lights

Tea lights are one of the best decor items you should definitely use. These lights have been known to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere, and since it’s Diwali, this seems just about perfect.

Take the decor one notch higher with these creative ways to decorate your home on Diwali:

  • Line them up on your window sills
  • Cluster them on a tray
  • Group tea lights on your staircase
  • Enhance your rangoli by beautifully placing tea lights on it
  • Place them inside translucent coloured glasses
  • Use them with lanterns either indoors or outdoors

Don’t forget to wrap these in beautifully patterned washi tape that can match the rest of your decor.

Get your hands dirty with paints

Diyas are an item you cannot miss while making your Diwali shopping list. If you’re feeling very artsy, then this is something you will definitely find interesting.

Instead of decorating your home with diyas as they come, why don’t you paint them with your favourite colours and add to the beauty of your home?

If you don’t like painting, then what do you think about bejewelling them? You can use the following to decorate your diyas without soiling your hands with colour:

  • Bright coloured sequences
  • Beads of varied shapes, sizes and colours
  • Ribbons of various colours
  • Different designs of Washi Tape
  • Glitter for a touch of shine

If you don’t mind painting and love bejewelling items, you can decorate them using both methods.

Bring out your traditional side

Torans are a traditional decorative item that has been used to beautify the entrance of homes for decades. There is no time of the year apart from Diwali that brings about that traditional feeling in you, and Torans are the best way to display that.
Torans are basically door hangings attached on the top of your door that adds a sense of beauty to the entrance of your home. It certainly makes your family members and guests feel welcomed.

Torans are of two kinds-

  • One can be made using mango leaves and marigold, which is simple and is mainly used regularly.
  • The other is designer Torans that are extremely beautiful, intricate, and definitely enhance the entrance of your home.

These simple decorative items will surely enhance the beauty of your lovely home while creating a very festive atmosphere too. Enjoy this occasion with your family and friends in your own home and don’t forget to show off your creativity!

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