Why People Prefer to Live in a Gated Community

Gated communities in Mumbai

Gated communities are gaining popularity amongst people residing in urban cities. So, why do some people prefer to live in a gated community? There are many reasons like safety, amenities and like-minded gentry, which make the gated community an appealing alternative for people to experience comfortable life.

Considering the homebuyer’s needs and current market trends for gated communities, reputed property developers like Ashwin Sheth Group are investing in building ultra-modern gated communities in Mumbai.

Here are some of the benefits that you will get if you buy a house in a gated society:

Safety and Security

One of the best advantages of living in gated communities is that it ensures a safe and secure environment for all its residents, making them more appealing to homebuyers.

Gated communities usually have fixed entrance and exit points and are constantly monitored by security personnel & CCTV to ensure only verified people can enter the community.

With only residents and invited guests allowed to enter a gated community, the chances of encountering crime or anti-social behavior from individuals outside the community are significantly reduced. With 24×7 surveillance, a gated community can prevent crimes and theft.


Living in a gated community keeps you away from all the hustle of the city and the intrusion of peddlers and salespersons. You will experience a great sense of privacy while you have total comfort and peace in your own space. You can go on with life with minimal interruption and live a quieter life. This is the reason why many prominent personalities choose to live in gated communities.

Gamut of Amenities

facilities and leisure amenities for residents

Gated communities offer plenty of facilities and leisure amenities for residents. These include gyms, cricket grounds, tennis courts, auditoriums, swimming pools, landscape gardens, party lawns, multipurpose halls, and more.

These amenities play a significant role in enhancing the living standards of people. The residents can enjoy these amenities within the premises without having to travel far from home for daily errands.

Safe Play Environment for Children

Gated community is safe for children

If you have children, then living in a gated community is a better option for you. There can be no better place than a gated community that is highly secured with proper surveillance and security personnel.

You can send your children to play outside without worrying about their safety and security. Moreover, there are no moving vehicles or any danger around the playing areas of children in these societies.

Your children are much safer in a gated community as compared to other housing types. What’s better than watching your child play happily outdoor games like riding a bicycle or having fun with friends in a safe environment on a Sunday evening?

An Eco-Friendly Living Experience

A home in a gated community gives you the privilege to live in a clean, green, and eco-friendly environment. Open spaces and green parks are not only eco-friendly but also create a relaxing environment as it is a refreshing contrast from the hustle and bustle of the city. Research has shown that people living in aesthetically pleasing environments have better mental health.

Higher Property Value

Most people have the misconception that an apartment in a gated community comes with a higher cost of living. If you are also avoiding the gated community due to this reason, then it’s time to change your opinion. Nowadays, it is easy to find apartments in gated communities within your budget. What makes these apartments even better is that they provide an overall high value of the property than the ones that aren’t gated. So, you don’t have to worry about the selling price of the house in the future.

Like Minded Gentry

Living in a gated community allows you to interact with like-minded people and socialize with them. It is also a great option to consider if you have old parents as they would get the opportunity to communicate and socialize with people of their age group. Living in a gated community is also beneficial if you are a pet lover, as there will be more space for your pets to move around and play.

Gated communities are created with the purpose of giving you all you need in one place while keeping you distinct from the noise and speed of the city.

Are you looking for an apartment in a gated community? An under-construction residential property in Kanjurmarg, Sheth Avante, being developed by Ashwin Sheth Group, provides 1, 2, and 3 BHK apartments to help you find your dream home. These apartments are aesthetically designed, making them more pleasant and livable.

With its convenient location, Sheth Avante offers seamless connectivity to business hubs, shopping malls, cinema halls, schools, colleges, hospitals and banks around the city. Be it Powai, SEEPZ, BKC, Thane, Navi Mumbai, or South Mumbai, all business hubs are easily accessible from Sheth Avante.

This project offers a host of amenities, including a gymnasium, jogging track, amphitheatre, swimming pool, games room, crèche, multipurpose hall & numerous sporting facilities, making it the right investment opportunity for your financial future.

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