1 BHK Vs 2 BHK Flats Which Is A Better Option In Mumbai?

For a first time home buyer, it is not always a light decision to pick between a 1 and 2 BHK apartment. While this activity may be nerve-racking, the dilemma can be solved if you carefully consider your present preferences while also giving thought to your future requirements. Be it evaluating the space you need to live comfortably or taking the views of your family members as to which flat can suit them better – there are a few crucial things you must do to purchase your perfect home in a residential project in Mumbai.

Here are the two main factors that play a huge role in helping you decide on a particular configuration. Further read on ahead as we have listed the pros and cons of purchasing 1 and 2 BHK flats to give you a clear picture, and help you make an informed decision between the two.

Number of Family Members

Consider the number of members in your family, before you purchase a flat. For example, a bachelor or a couple may do well with a 1 BHK flat. However, a nuclear family with growing children who need their own space would be more comfortable in a 2 BHK.


Mumbai is an expensive city to live in and thus one’s budget becomes a deciding factor while purchasing a flat. However, it is always better to tailor your budget with your personal preferences such as location and space. For instance, if your budget is 80 lakhs – you may have to decide whether you want to opt for a 1 BHK in the heart of the city or instead buy a 2 BHK at the outskirts of the city, which fits into the same budget.

When you have carefully considered the main factors, you may have some idea about what kind of configuration may suit you better. Here are some pros and cons of each flat configuration you must know before you make the decision.

1 BHK Flats: Pros And Cons

  • The smaller the home, the more affordable it gets! This is why 1 BHK residences are preferable options for working singles as well as couples. Its affordability also ensures that the monthly instalment amounts cost less if one has gotten the house on a loan.
  • If one is moving around to a different city due to their work, a 1 BHK apartment is easier to rent out in comparison to a 2 BHK. This ensures that one can have an extra source of income through such an investment.
  • Due to a rise in luxury micro-housing, one now also has many options when it comes to choosing a good 1 BHK apartment that comes with lavish amenities. At Ashwin Sheth Group, many of our projects too, offer exquisite 1 BHK residences in popular locales where one can enjoy one-of-a-kind amenities such as eco decks, mini theatres, and even an infinity pool!
  • One disadvantage of a 1 BHK is that it gets cramped for larger families. However, this is certainly not the case for couples as well as single people. The less space works in their favour as it is easy to maintain and less to clean. In fact, when smartly managed, such an apartment can not only look elegant but also be quite cosy!
  • Aside from Mumbai, there is a demand-supply gap for such apartments. As many prefer 2 BHK apartments, there is a large inventory of 1 BHK units that need to be sold off by developers. This is why they run many additional offers on such flats, which may work to your advantage.

2 BHK Flats: Pros And Cons

  • An obvious big benefit of purchasing a 2 BHK is its spaciousness. If you choose right, you may have bigger rooms and more outdoor space in the form of balconies. This makes it easier for you to accommodate the furniture without cluttering the apartment and plan the home décor accordingly.
  • A 2 BHK flat in Mumbai is always high on demand, which is why the price appreciation rises faster. This is why it is often considered a good investment option as the resale value of such a home could also be quite high, depending on the location.
  • However, due to the same popularity, developers seldom tend to run offers on 2bhk apartments. Moreover, higher demand means that it can also sometimes be difficult to get a flat in your choice of the floor or carpet area if one has not booked early.

Now that you have all the pros and cons, you can carefully weigh them and decide on the ideal flat configuration for your family. What matters above all is that individual members of your family are happy with the decision and can realise their dreams in your new apartment.

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