5 Smart Storage Ideas For Small Indian Homes

If you live in a compact home, then you know the challenges that come with it. The major issue being faced is not having sufficient space to store all your things.So, then why not look for space-saving ideas that can do wonders to your home.

From storage shelves to multi-functional furniture, there are many types of storage solutions available for your small home makeover so that you will never run out of space for all your things.

At Ashwin Sheth Group, we understand your need to make your compact home feel spacious, liveable and functional at the same time

Check out these 5 storage ideas for small Indian homes that you can implement.

Storage Shelves

When we talk about storage, the first thing that comes to our mind is shelves and cabinets. While most bedrooms have a wardrobe for clothing, having an extra shelf can be really beneficial for storing all your knick-knacks. And who said a storage shelf has to be bulky? Nowadays, several sleek designs are available in the market for a compact bedroom.

Wall Shelves

Keeping furniture pieces on the floor is bound to take up space in compact homes. For certain pieces like a bookshelf or even a table, you can go for wall shelves to save space in the most intelligent way.

There are many decorative wall shelves available in the market that can dramatically solve space issues and contribute an appealing visual feel to any room.

Wall-Mounted TV Unit

Using a wall-mounted TV unit is a judicious way to save floor space inside a room. You can pick a wall-mounted TV unit that would hold an ample display of decor and other accessories like books, a music system, and more.

The major advantage of a wall-mounted TV unit is that it can prevent accidental bumps, keeping your loved ones and your TV safe. Moreover, all messing cables would hide behind the TV, reducing the visual clutter.

Bed with storage

The bed is the one furniture item you can’t do without in your bedroom. Guess what, it also takes up a lot of space. So, instead of buying a usual bed, you can opt for a bed with storage. It provides plenty of storage space, making it perfect for storing less-used, heavy items like blankets and woollens that you don’t need on a regular basis.

Multi-Functional Furniture

When space is scarce, it is better to avoid having several pieces of furniture that can make your room look clutter. Clutter is the bane of every small home because it takes away the beauty of the room and makes it less inviting.

One of the most helpful compact home makeover tips is to use multi-functional furniture. It can be used for several purposes and prevent your home from looking and feeling all tight and cramped.

So, now that you know the space-saving ideas, use them to make your home look organised and more appealing.

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