How to Design Your Office to Improve Employee Productivity

office design to improve employee productivity

The average full-time employee works 1,800 hours per year, most of which are likely in an office. Did you know that your office design and layout can profoundly affect the well-being and productivity of your employees? Surroundings influence the morale and productivity of employees at the workplace.

Luckily, there are resources to create an employee-friendly workplace. From layout designing to incorporating plants, there are plenty of tips for creating an environment where employees feel satisfied and cheerful.

Ashwin Sheth Group understands that workplaces are no longer just about desks and chairs. They have to offer so much more to the employees in modern times.

Here are some office design tips that will boost employee productivity.

  • Office Layout

An office layout not only reflects the corporate statement of your business but also creates a healthy environment that can make employees at ease and efficient in their work. Hence, it is best to plan the office layout as per the business you are running and the atmosphere you want to create in your office.

There are two different kinds of office layouts that are generally applied, the open and the closed office layout. Open offices make team members more accessible to each other and foster better communication within teams, but they can be noisy and distracting too. In some instances where the nature of work demands, making closed and private cubicles should be taken into consideration. Closed office layouts have the advantage of providing more quiet and private spaces for employees so that they can focus on work with fewer distractions.

  • Create Designated Offices Zones

Nowadays, teams need to work together to achieve desired results. They sometimes need break-out spaces or a bigger room like a conference room to exchange ideas and discuss problems. Incorporating different work zones like conference rooms, lobbies, break-out rooms, or lounge areas can lead to a more modern and fun environment at the workplace while encouraging creative thoughts away from the computer.

  • Create Space for Movement

For an efficient work environment, try to create a workspace that does not confine employees to one area. Incorporate open space layouts to make the office area airier while giving employees more freedom to move, communicate and collaborate.

  • Improve the Lighting

Lighting plays a crucial role in improving mood and productivity at the workplace. No one likes to work in bad lighting that increases eye strain, headaches, drowsiness, and irritability.Installing large windows in the workplace is an efficient way to bring more natural light into the rooms. If you cannot install more windows in your office, consider using full-spectrum light bulbs that can mimic natural light’s appearance and create a more comfortable feel.

  • Wall Paint Options

The wall colors of your office have a subconscious psychological effect on your employee’s emotions and behavior. An all-white office can look uninspiring. Too much of any one color can be overpowering, so why not incorporate color combinations that create visual interest and can establish your brand’s presence with your employees.

Keeping that in mind, here are how the following colors impact the psyche:

  • Blue encourages concentration and focus
  • Red is perfect for physically demanding work
  • Yellow fosters creativity
  • Green promotes harmony and calm
  • Orange promotes mental stimulation and happiness
  • Incorporate Plants

Plants are known for their ability to reduce stress, mitigate sickness and enhance mood and creativity. They are also great air purifiers. Placing botanicals across the office can bring a more relaxed environment for your employees, making the workplace more attractive and alive. So, if you haven’t incorporated plants, it’s time to place low-maintenance plants throughout your office.

An office is more than the furniture and equipment people need to do their jobs. It’s important for companies to create user-friendly office environments to ensure happy and productive employees. A great office environment where people work makes a big difference in how people work.

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