Reasons Why You Should Invest In Projects In Mulund

A haven of green spaces and skyscrapers, the real estate scene in Mulund is a world apart from the rest of Mumbai. Built near the foothills of the Sanjay Gandhi National Park, this locale offers you an incredible social infrastructure that looks out towards the hills. Rightly termed the ‘Prince of the Suburbs’ ” here is a luxurious vicinity that offers you a way to chase your goals, while you enjoy the beautiful green vistas that nature has laid out for you in plain view!

With a steady price appreciation over the years and several ongoingprojects in Mulund, it is a much sought-after locale for many! One such amazing project is Sheth Montana, which stands amidst the gentle hustle and bustle of the suburb, yet away from the adulterated air of the city. So, read ahead as we tell you more about it and also give you the top reasons to invest in properties in Mulund.

Good Connectivity

With Thane only a few kilometres away and Navi Mumbai just across the creek, Mulund is very well connected with these two satellite towns. Further, the Ghodbunder road opens up Mulund to the Western Suburbs like Andheri. On the other hand, the Eastern Express Highway and LBS Road ensure an easy commute to suburbs like Bhandup, Ghatkopar, Powai, Kanjurmarg as well as South Mumbai.

Sheth Montana is right on this booming area of LBS road, that lists some of the most prominent addresses to its door. The Eastern Expressway and the central railway stations of Mulund and Nahur ” are all, a few kilometres away from Montana. With such ease of travel, you will be quickly able to travel anywhere in Mumbai from Mulund and live with the assurance that nothing is really far away from home.

Social Infrastructure and Amenities

Living in Mulund means that you are exposed to the best of the facilities that include reputed educational institutions and top-grade healthcare hospitals. Besides, a vast network of famous malls, spas, bowling alleys, sports complexes, and age-old theatres is bound to keep you and your family entertained! Notable 5-star restaurants and KhauGallis co-exist side by side to satisfy the tastes of your palate. And if you’re in the mood for a trek, the Yogi hills are right nearby!

Moreover, Sheth Montana not only opens up the developed infrastructure of Mulund but also offers you luxurious amenities in the lap of nature. Here, you’ll be able to wake up to the sound of chirping birds and the spectacular view of hilly panoramas from your window. You can go for nature walks, get a lavish pampering in the spa, achieve your fitness goals intop gyms or have a relaxing swim in luxury pools to start your day. Spaces beginning with 2 Bhk flats in Mulund, Montana is a dream come true that allows you to pursue your passions ” right in the heart of the suburb.

Proximity to Commercial Spaces

We all love to maintain a healthy work-life balance, which helps us to unwind and pursue other interests to grow as an individual. This can only be achieved if the commute is easy, hassle-free. It saves time to reach the comfort offered by our homes at the end of a workday.

Mulund offers you an easy proximity to commercial hubs and IT tech parks to help achieve a decent work-life balance. The suburb offers easy connectivity to large commercial hubs like Powai, BandraKurla Complex, MIDC, and SEEPZ. As Sheth Montana is on the LBS road, which passes through a network of residential and commercial spaces ” your precious time will finally be your own to spend however you choose!

Future Developments

Things only go further from here towards more civic development in Mulund! Right near Montana is the Metro Line 4 from Wadala to Kasarvadavali. Currently, under construction, it will make commuting an easy and much more pleasant experience in the city.

Furthermore, a most lucrative project in Mulund is underway in the form of the proposed Goregaon-Mulund link road (2005 ” 2025). This will drastically reduce the commute time from Eastern to Western suburbs, shifting the status of Mulund to being the centre of all connectivity in Mumbai.

With such a beautiful present and a promising future, Mulund offers you a chance to invest in delightful properties with an increasing ROI.

Standing at the cusp of city and nature, AshwinSheth Group offers you further luxury with its Sheth Montana.It’s towers and avenues offer you a way to unwind and live in style looking at unobstructed views of the hills. As you look out the window at the majestic hills, you’ll always know you made the right decision to invest with us.

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