Vastu Do’s and Don’ts for Your Home

An ancient secret of the Indians, the science of Vastu Shastra has guided us towards better homes since generations. When it comes to our humble abodes, we often want to design them in our own unique way as well as fill them with lots of good vibes. We at Ashwin Sheth Group have created a general guide to Vastu which aids you in planning your ideal home.

What is Vastu?

Imagine your house is an energy field which needs proper honing from time to time. Vastu is this design recipe that brings about a balance of energies in your home to create harmony and happiness for people who live in it.

Another important aspect of Vastu is directions. Generally, the North and East brim with positive energies while the South and West are often volatile unless directed in specific ways. If used correctly, these directions empower your home with peace and success.

Read ahead as we give simple vastu tips for your home to get you started on this incredible healing journey! These are a set of dos and donâts for the most important spaces in your home.


The doorway at your entrance is the start of a beautiful journey in your house. Make sure it always gives a welcoming vibe.


  • The door should face the North, East, or North-East. These directions are believed to be the homes of powerful Hindu Gods like Kuber, Indra, and Shiva who lead you to the road of wealth and victory.
  • Ensure that your main door is made from solid wood of superior quality. The door should open in the clockwise direction and be larger than all the other doors in the house.
  • You can also install good lighting by your main door to brighten things up. A well-lit entrance gives a good impression to guests and makes them feel welcome in your home.
  • Do place a red welcome mat below your doorway to bring attractive energies into your home.



  • Avoid the temptation of painting your door a sleek black. Instead, keep it simple with earthy brown shades and complete with a beautiful nameplate.
  • Refrain from keeping shoe racks outside your door. It blocks the free flow of positive energies into the house.
  • Do not place any water-centric decor by your entrance. While fountains look beautiful, they need to be placed very carefully in a home.

Living Room

The living room holds a great place of significance in your house. Whether you’re having a fun time with your family or entertaining friends – this is a space that harbours tremendous social energies.


  • Ensure that your room faces the North, East, or North-East directions. However, experts consider the North-West to be a good option too if you’re a person who does not like too many gatherings or partying late into the night.
  • Opt for wooden flooring instead of marble. For the walls, go for pastel colours instead of dark hues. Colours like white, cream, lemon yellow, and light blue tend to reflect light and create an illusion of a bigger living room.

  • If you love the wonder of sea-life, keep an aquarium in your living room. These are said to bring in beautiful energies as well as wealth into the house. Place it in the North-East section of the living room. You can also add lively plants in this corner of the house.
  • While heavy furniture is placed in the South-West, electrical appliances should be kept in the South-East direction.



  • It’s good to pepper up the bare walls of this room with beautiful art. However, avoid showcasing paintings that depict tragedies like wars or shipwrecks. These tend to create a sad and melancholy environment in the living room.
  • Do not clutter up the living room as it’s believed to invite negative energies that affect the health.
  • Never place the TV in the North Western corner of the room. You’ll get addicted and spend most of your time watching television.

  • Avoid keeping thorny or wilted plants in your home. Instead of artificial flowers, keep healthy and growing plants like bamboo and money plant.
  • Instead of hanging the chandelier in the centre of the room, display it in the South or West direction.


A room where we spend most of our time, we often take the bedroom for granted. Here are some do’s and don’ts to elevate the mood of this room.


  • The South-West corner of the house is the ideal location for the bedroom. Do not opt for a North East location as it is believed to obstruct your health, happiness, and prosperity.
  • Paint the walls with soothing and neutral colours like beige or ivory to add an extra oomph of cosiness to your room.
  • Use twinkle lights, candles, or a little incense to elevate the general mood of the bedroom. You can also light salt lamps in the corners of your room. According to some experts, salt is a healing agent that snuffs out negative energies from the room.
  • Allow for lots of natural light to enter your room for at least half an hour every day! If you want a playful ambience, you can add a wind chime to hear pleasant tinkling sounds throughout the day.



  • Avoid placing a mirror directly in front of your bed, where you can see your reflection. It scatters negative energies and causes fights, especially between couples.
  • Avoid using bed sheets that have dark blue shades or bold geometric prints. Ensure that you do not store anything under your bed as it obstructs the flow of energies and prevents a peaceful sleep.
  • Do not keep fountains, aquariums, or even paintings of oceans. Water is an unstable element that is said to bring out turbulent emotions in this room.
  • Switch off all gadgets for an hour before you sleep to avoid radiation and eye health issues. That means no scrolling Instagram right before bed!
  • Never sleep with your head pointing North. The North is a positive direction that clashes with the positive energies of our head. These two positive energies cancel each other out and lead to bad dreams and disturbed sleep.


The heart to our stomach, a kitchen gives us a life of good food and nourishment. In the kitchen, all the five elements of earth, water, fire, air, and sky come into play. Here are some Vastu tips to help you balance these dynamic forces.


  • A Kitchen is built in the South-East direction of the home, to pay homage to Agni, the Lord of Fire. The Windows face the North, East, or North-East directions.
  • Paint the walls here with vibrant hues like yellow, green, or orange.
  • Keep beautiful crockery in your kitchen to brighten up the place. It effectively uses the element of earth in this space.
  • Place the gas or oven strategically in your kitchen so that you always face the East while cooking food. It lets in good energies.



  • Avoid keeping the temple or worship area in the kitchen.
  • Keep lots of space between the gas stove and sink. They shouldn’t be too close beside each other or directly opposite. This distance helps to balance the forces of fire and water.
  • Do not keep medicines in the kitchen.

For a detailed Vastu plan for your home, you can refer to:

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