Why Open Spaces are important in Residential Projects

Today home buyers are more attracted towards buying residential properties with open spaces compared to standalone buildings without amenities. Investing in residential properties in Mumbai with open spaces provides an excellent return on investment if you plan to sell it off in the future.

Keeping in mind today’s housing trends, a reputed developer in Mumbai like Ashwin Sheth Group focuses on building residential properties that have open spaces and not very closely surrounded by other buildings.

Here is a list of points that make open spaces an advantage

Increase in Appeal

Open spaces with trees, plants, and greenery can make the surroundings look beautiful and improve the air quality around you. They create a soothing and relaxing environment as it is a refreshing contrast from the hustle and bustle of the city.

  • Scope of Growth

    Today, Children spend a lot of time in front of screens, either watching television or playing games on mobiles. Therefore, it’s vital to keep them active. Having an open space around your home gives your children a perfect place to play outdoor activities like riding a bicycle or having fun with friends in the Children’s Play Area. What’s better than watching your child play happily in a safe environment on a Sunday evening while you sip your favourite coffee in your cosy sundeck?

    Less Stress

    The hectic schedule has severely affected people’s mental and physical health. Constantly staying within the four walls can harm your brain’s functionality, severely affecting your mood and productivity. Relaxing in an open space helps you relieve stress and refreshes your mind.

    Promotes Active Lifestyle

    A healthy lifestyle is a must for the overall well-being of your body. People with less physical activity tend to develop many health problems. Having an open space around your home allows you to get involved in fitness activities. Go for a walk in the morning, jog in the evening or ride a cycle; there are many activities you can do in an open space. Ashwin Sheth Group builds residential properties in Mumbai equipped with modern amenities to improve the overall lifestyle of the people.

    Space for Recreational Activities

    Open spaces are perfect for families who live with their old parents or have pets at home. Older people usually require an open area to walk and get fresh air. It rejuvenates their mind and body and keeps them happy and healthy. Ashwin Sheth Group’s residential properties in Mumbai offer amenities such as Gardens, Play areas, Walking/Jogging Pathway, Senior Citizens Zone and more.


    Open spaces can promote social interaction with like-minded people, helping you socialize, learn and grow in a better way. It doesn’t matter if you have a 2 BHK flat in Mumbai or 3 BHK; everyone desires for open spaces around their home to engage in recreational activities. Moreover, open spaces are also crucial for hosting outdoor parties and functions to celebrate special occasions.

    Ashwin Sheth Group’s residential projects in Mumbai with ample open spaces and amenities offer you a healthy and magnificent living experience. Buying a home is a significant decision you will be making for your financial security, so invest in the right home to enhance your lifestyle.

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