Optimize Your Living Room With These Smart Appliances!

While having a beautiful house filled with basic amenities is a need for all, turning that house into a smart home is what everyone desires. The present time offers a wide range of digital appliances that can help turn your room into a perfect living area. The various home automation technologies are energy-efficient, cost-effective in the long run, and offer increased connectivity.

At Ashwin Sheth Group, we have curated a list of smart appliances that will instantly optimize your living room.

Smart Bulbs

How great would it be if you could control the colour of your room? Well, this is indeed possible by using smart bulbs that allow you to set the colour of your choice, which also sets the mood. Unlike conventional incandescent lights, these bulbs can be controlled using a simple remote control, mobile phone or voice commands to change their colour, brightness, and shades, as per your need. You may even set a timer and schedule the bulb to ON and OFF. These smart lighting solutions are available in the form of bulbs, lamps, LED strips, and many more. The benefits of using such smart devices is that it helps you save energy and thus proves to be cost-effective. Moreover, they are more durable as compared to simple light bulbs.

Smart Home Security

A great way to enhance the security of your home is to leave behind traditional padlocks and switch to smart digital locks. The smart home security system will allow you to manage access to your home without putting in any extra effort. If carrying your house keys has always been a matter of concern to you, these digital home security locks will be a great addition to your life. You don’t need to rush to your door every time to open it when someone knocks at it when you can simply unlock it while sitting on the sofa in your living room. These home security devices will let you seamlessly access your main door using multiple modes such as keypad-based passwords, fingerprint, face recognition, and card-based entry.

Smart TVs

Smart TVs are rapidly becoming popular and a must-have device for every home. It lets you browse through hundreds of streaming services, including TV, movies, series, music, and more. Unlike conventional television sets, the new age smart TVs have in-built Bluetooth technology and even offer WiFi-based connectivity. Moreover, you can synchronize it with other smart devices in your home such as the security camera installed at your doorstep or your phone and laptop. 

Robot Vacuum Cleaners

Are you tired of cleaning your living area every day? Robot Vacuum Cleaners can do wonders for people like you. It smartly, silently, and perfectly cleans the floors of your home. You need not monitor this device all the times; instead, you have to switch it ON, and it will operate with the help of its smart sensors and intelligent navigation system. This smart automation device will be an excellent choice for people with back pain or injuries who find it hard to bend.

In order to create a comfortable and smart ambiance for you and your family, it is recommended to synchronize your living area with home automation technologies.

At Ashwin Sheth Group, we believe in making a home for everyone that is nothing less than paradise. Our several residential projects across Mumbai and Dubai have made it possible for thousands of residents to enjoy the comfort of a beautiful home and relish world-class amenities.

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