Own a house over renting one out- here’s why!

A home is the most valuable asset you can have in your life. Buying a home is a great investment that will gradually increase in value over time. If you are financially and emotionally ready, it’s a good step to buy a home where you can genuinely unwind and be yourself. With Ashwin Sheth Group, you find the home that is right for you.

Here are a few reasons that explain why you should consider buying a home rather than living on rent:

  • Provides Security

When you buy a house, you give your family a place to call their own. Your home is your shelter that provides security and comfort. It is where you can relax and enjoy life while being yourself without worrying about missing out on your rent due date.

  • No landlord hassles

Buying a house gives you control over your life. You don’t have to deal with a landlord for minor repairs or complete renovation of the house. Living on rent usually limits your ability to make changes like painting the walls a different colour or replacing the cabinets. With home ownership, you get the freedom to improve, decorate, or renovate your home to suit your lifestyle.

  • More control over costs

Living on rent is a nuisance in many ways. Your landlord can raise your rent leaving you with little or no choice but to accept the increased cost. Buying a house definitely comes at a cost but at the end of the day it is your own home and you are not liable to pay rent to anyone else just to have a roof over your head.

  • No Compromise

Rent is an expense that you need to pay every month. Therefore, you may end up compromising on several aspects like location, size, and facilities. On the other hand, when you buy a home, you will ensure that your property meets all your requirements.

  • No Uncertainty

Buying a house eliminates the worry about being removed from it at any point if the landlord wants to sell the property or occupy it themselves. Furthermore, it also removes the need of renewing the lease agreement every year or renegotiating the fee regularly.

  • Build your asset

Buying a home can improve your financial portfolio since you build equity by paying EMI on your home loan. Every EMI you pay increases your home’s equity, resulting in higher asset-building over time.

If you are planning to buy a home in Mumbai, then you should definitely check out Ashwin Sheth Group’s residential projects in Andheri, Thane, Mulund and Kanjurmarg. The lavish apartments are worth the investment where you and your family can experience the true meaning of life in its best form.

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