Is it the right time to buy your dream home?

Owning a home is like a dream for most Indians. It is not just a financial investment, but an emotional investment as well. Lots of planning and decision-making goes into making it a dream home – the furniture, the colours, the furnishings and artefacts etc. Although it is a major undertaking, it is a highly rewarding one, considering you get to build equity in an asset that can increase in value over time. You also get to call all the shots. Want to adopt a pet? Go for it! There’s no one to stop you.
If you are planning to buy a property in 2021, there are several factors and compelling reasons you should consider.


A great location has the potential to change the entire neighbourhood. You can check the proximity of important services such as a school, college, hospital, mall and recreation centre. Take into account the commute time as well. You’d love to have hassle-free travel with most modes of public transit within the vicinity.

If you wish to say a happy goodbye to cramped spaces, traffic jam woes, and potholed roads, consider Thane as location for your dream home. There are numerous 2 BHK for sale in Thane west, especially on the Thane’s Platinum Belt which can practically allow you to breathe the fresh air of change from the mundane lifestyle.

Property valuations

Property valuations today are at realistic levels. Developers are offering flexible payment schemes such as 10:90 and waiver of GST, stamp duty and other benefits.

Moreover, interest rates are at the lowest levels. State Bank of India and Kotak Mahindra Bank have reduced home loan rates. Kotak Mahindra Bank reduced its home loan interest rates to 6.65 percent per annum – the lowest in the market, followed by SBI with a home loan interest rate of 6.70 percent for loans up to Rs 75 lakh and 6.75 percent for loans above Rs 75 lakh to Rs 5 crore.
Some states have even started reducing the stamp duty to make property purchase relatively affordable.

Buying now equates to buying at the lowest possible price

Owning a home now has become more affordable. It has improved in tandem with time. As mentioned above, home loan rates are at their historic lows. Coupled with bottomed out property prices, it never has been so sweeter to start looking for your own home.

Developers too have trimmed prices to a great extent. They have also responded to the current exigencies by offering extremely good cost-saving incentives such as multiple deals and discounts.
The government too have played their part by reducing the stamp duty charges. In Maharashtra, stamp duty charges were brought down in August 2020. Thus, with all such benefits given to the home buyers, the incentives almost add up to a 5% to 15% reduction in the overall cost of the property.

Additionally, the prices of ready-to-move properties are almost at par with under-construction properties in many areas. And this has never happened before and may not happen ever again. Thus, a home buyer is now flooded with a tempting choice range and that too at such low prices.

According to Anckur Srivasttava of GenReal Advisers, one should plan to buy a property within the next 100 days because real estate is unfortunately not about buying any unit but about a unit that you would like.

So, you need to be quick in decision making and zeroing down on one property. There are high chances that within the next few months you may not find a home that ticks all the right boxes. You may not find your preferred floor, location or it may not be according to vastu.

Thus, with all the above points, one is at least assured that he/she is not buying a property at extremely high prices.

With a focus on dispersed workforce and flexible working policies, it is expected to spur housing demand not only in the peripheries of cities but also beyond the city hotspots. One such popular hotspot is Thane. Right from Cadbury Junction to Majiwada – this stretch simply has it all! Top grade structures in the area such as Viviana Mall, Fortune Lake City hotel, Jupiter hospital, and numerous properties have all succeeded in attracting a significant number of the populace to its doors!

If you are looking for luxury apartments in Thane which you can fondly call your lovable nest, then check out properties by Ashwin Sheth Group. The properties are developed with a design-first approach, with plenty of open spaces so that you get to enjoy an equal measure of peace and happiness.

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