10 Romantic Bedroom Decor Ideas For Couples

Looking to spice up your master bedroom? Here are 10 decor ideas for couples that are bound to bring a stylish and romantic look to your bedroom!

There is nothing more pleasant than coming home to a cosy bedroom and a loving spouse. This is why designing your master bedroom to be a calm, peaceful and romantic space should be one of the top priorities in your marriage. So, read ahead to know about ten unique bedroom decor ideas, which will transform your bedroom into a warm, beautiful space that appeals to both of you.

Go For Neutral Colours

At the end of the day, we all want a good night’s sleep and having a neutral-hued bedroom allows us to have that! This is because neutral colours such as beige, ivory, white, grey, or taupe bring in a calm and soothing mood to your bedroom.

They can also be played well with each other to set any vibe you want – be it minimalist, romantic, mysterious, or even contrasting! From your walls to fabrics and even decor – you can go wild with many neutral shades without overdoing it.

Bring In Special Lighting

There is a reason why hotel suites exhibit a romantic charm, and that is specific lighting! While natural light works best during the day, you can invest in a pair of wall sconces or bedside lamps to bring in a soft glow in your bedroom at night. Anything from vintage lampshades to recessed lighting and even pendant lights will work well to give a cosy feel to your room. If nothing else, candles also do the trick.

Display Your Hobbies

While living rooms are for the entire family, bedrooms are private spaces where one can often sit in peace pursuing a hobby. Whether it is a painting or a photograph, a unique art piece that you and your spouse have created together can certainly find a proud place in your room! If you both love to read, placing a bookshelf in your bedroom will make way for you to create even more fantastic bookish memories.

Pick Out A Central Decor Piece

Everyone has different preferences in home decor, so finding a common ground in your bedroom is key. You can do that by choosing an art piece together, which will be the star of your bedroom and appeal to both of your personal tastes.

This can be anything from choosing a grand headboard to a vintage mirror or even a chandelier. Smaller decor pieces can then be individually picked out and both of your personal styles can beautifully merge together to create a bedroom that is truly yours!

Give In To The Hype of Pampas Grass!

While no one can deny the brilliance of colourful flowers, using pampas grass instead is a fantastic bedroom decor idea as well! Native to the Pampas region in South America, it is a tall and fluffy flower with soft plumes that sway at the slightest breeze. Simply add some pampas grass to a white vase and it will bring a minimalist yet romantic vibe to your bedroom.

Pampas grass comes in various hues such as white, light yellow, sand brown and pink. While fresh flowers need to be thrown out after a few days, dried pampas grass can last you for years if maintained well!

Create A Seating Area

Great ideas and enchanting conversations are born in comfortable spaces. So, create a small, intimate seating area in your bedroom where you can while away your time reading or talking all night long.

Place a pair of comfy armchairs, an ottoman and a coffee table, if you have a large bedroom. As for compact rooms, you can simply add a small cosy window seating with cushions, where you can watch the morning sky and enjoy your tea.

Hang A Canopy

There is nothing more romantic and enchanting in a bedroom than a sheer flowing canopy hung over a comfortable bed. It is beautiful on the eyes, gives a sense of privacy, and creates your very own personal cocoon where time can simply stand still for you and your partner.

Add A Velvet Headboard

Bring a luxe feel to your bedroom by adding a rich, velvet headboard in dark colours such as grey, maroon or forest green. It not only looks chic and elegant but also brings a heightened sense of comfort as you sit on the bed with your backs laid to it.

Add Soft Fabric Layers

Soft layers just call us to jump into bed and snuggle in, especially on cold winter nights. So add all the fluff you like in the form of thick duvets, comforters, throw pillows, faux furs, soft linens, and more to form your own personal cloud in your bedroom! In the hot Mumbai summers, you can opt for simple white, romantic bedsheets.

Mix Decor Styles

Are you a couple that likes totally different decor styles? In such a case, don’t be afraid to mix your personal styles! You can explore blending vintage with modern, minimalist with bohemian, industrial with rustic, and much more. If you balance your decor well, it will create a magical space for you and your spouse.

For example – If you are a lover of Indian handicrafts and ethnic motifs, you can add these to your modern bedroom layout to fashion Indian modernist interiors. By creatively using these decor elements, you can create the marriage of the traditional and modern to create your own unique bedroom. Silk sarees can turn into cushion covers; earthen pots can be makeup brush holders; cane baskets can be neatly piled with clothes and tucked into cupboards!

At Ashwin Sheth Group, we employ the best interior designers and architects who build beautiful homes, tailored to your expectations. Our vast range of decor ideas will spice up your bedroom and are bound to bring a peaceful, stylish, and romantic feel to your living spaces.

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