5 Maintenance Tips to Prepare Your Home for The Festive Season

As the festive season approaches, so do the home cleaning hassles! Here are 5 easy tips that will ensure you have an easy time sprucing up your home for the festive season.

As the festive season is almost upon us, we can finally prepare ourselves to dance away those exhilarating Navratri nights and host grand Diwali celebrations! In fact, many believe that our festivals herald new beginnings, where the Gods and Goddesses themselves come down from heaven to bless our sparkling homes.

However – With such a promise of new beginnings, good blessings, and fun festivities, there also comes the pressure of cleaning our homes thoroughly! While getting rid of clutter can be rewarding, the entire process can also get laborious and time-consuming.

But with proper planning, a positive attitude, and an early start – it is possible to tackle this cleaning process! So, read ahead for a few tips on how you can declutter, organise, and transform your home into a beautiful space that syncs with the festive mood.

Plan The Entire Cleaning Process

While cleaning every corner of the house to welcome the festive season can seem like a herculean task, planning the entire process makes it easy. You can simplify the cleaning by maintaining a checklist of things to do and tackling each room at a time. You may even try working on one room in 2-3 schedules, as it will not make you feel overburdened with the cleaning process.

Furthermore, you can delegate specific cleaning tasks to your family members, kids, and house help. Having extra helping hands on deck will always be an added advantage as it will allow you to get done with the cleaning quickly!

Decluttering Is Key

The best way to declutter? Each time you pick up an item while cleaning the house, ask yourself whether it’s useful or can be discarded away. Here’s a simple tip — if you have not used an item in the past year and are not going to need it in the coming months or even the next year, you can discard it.

You can also donate items and clothes that you don’t need to orphanages or retirement homes. Decluttering items bit by bit will finally reward you with clean corners, airy spaces, and mental peace.

Embrace Minimalist Design

Beauty lies in simplicity, and providing a minimalistic look to your house is a simple way to make it aesthetically appealing. Saying yes to a minimalistic home setup motivates you to declutter and better maintain your living spaces. It means that few materials cover your home spaces, thus ensuring that you have an open layout and a fresh canvas that you can adorn later with festive decor.

Recycle Old Items

What you can’t declutter, you can reuse and recycle! Get creative with old items that you can smartly use to better your living spaces. Repaint old buckets and containers to use them as flower pots; utilise cardboards and Thermocol for festive decor; fashion luxe sofa covers or puja room backdrops out of old silk sarees, and more! Tons of such creative ideas can be easily found online, and you can use them to transform old materials into functional items as well as aesthetic home decor.

Compartmentalise Everything

The top rule of home management is to ensure that everything is kept in its place. If you create such a well-organised system for your home and follow it with discipline, your future cleaning exploits can be cut down by half!

Simply have separate compartments and sections for everything, which you can conveniently access when you need an item. From arranging different types of clothes in the wardrobe to sorting your makeup brushes, this trick will help you clean and maintain your home spaces efficiently.

At Ashwin Sheth Group, the above tips will help you achieve a clean and organised home right before the festive season begins! We wish you a pleasant time ahead, and may the oncoming festivities bring you tons of peace, joy and happiness.

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