7 Easy-peasy Bedroom Remodelling and Decor Ideas on a Budget

Our bedrooms speak a lot about us. When designed with a lot of thought and care, these spaces tend to show our personal tastesand tell unique stories. And when we are tired of telling the same story, it’s time to add another layer or change it up with some remodelling. So, read ahead as we give you some fantasticbedroom decor ideasthat will help you tell a new story and build the room of your dreams, while on a budget.

Whether you’re looking to slightly remodel or completely start anew after shifting into your new home we’ve got something for everyone!But first, you can speed things upby thinking of a theme for your bedroom.From vintageto bohemian and ethnicthis can be any theme that you think would fit with your sense of comfort.With the theme decided, the entire process only gets easier ahead!

Rearrange the Furniture

Start by moving around the furnitureand changing their locations in the room. You will immediately notice that your space looks different.This works well to not only switch things upbut also to know if there is too much furniture in the room.If the need arises, you can then declutter a pieceto make your room look more airy and spacious.

If you’re looking to upgrade your furniture in the room instead, look for vintage cabinets or dressers.These vintage pieces look rich and add a depth of meaning to your room. Once you go hunting in thrift stores and second-hand shops, you’ll be surprised by some fantastic finds.

You could also consider repurposing old furniture. This trend is light on the pocket, gives it new life, and looks so amazing when done right!Whether it is using an old drawer as a shelfor creating a coffee table from a wooden crate” you can use your imagination to get a DIY piecemade for yourself. If nothing else, a good coat of bright pastelsis bound to change the entire look of your furniture.

Pay Attention to Lighting

While allowing in lots of natural light by day is a given, you can think about various types of industrial lighting to make things comfortable for you at night.The idea is to create a balanced lighting environmentthat does not give out too much or even too dim light to strain the eye. Here are a few options.

Instead of opting for tube lights or large chandelier-like pieces, you can consider recessed lighting for your bedroom.These LED lights are directly installed in the ceiling to give an even distribution of light to the whole room, creating a ‘wall washingâ’ effect. Recessed lighting also saves up on space, can be adjusted according to your mood, and looks classy, especially on a white ceiling.

P.S. If you’re looking to read or work late in the night, you can also install wall sconesor bedside lampsto create a soothing effect in the room.

Add New Colour on the Walls

When we think about new home shifting jobs to be done, deciding paint colours is perhaps the most fun task for most of us. For the bedroom, look for soothing neutral tones such as white, grey and beige. These can then be beautifully contrasted with bright accessories.

You can also go for a modern accent wallif you’re looking to remodel your bedroom on a budget. These are in trendright now and look amazing in the bedroom! All you have to do is paint one wall with a starkly different colourfrom the rest of the bedroom. You can even add soft block printed or pretty floral wallpaperinstead of painting the wall. Stamp this accent wall with things you are passionate about” be it canvas paintings, memorable photos, heirloom pieces, and more!

Layering with Fabric

Look for light curtains, simple bedspreads, colourful cushion covers, and comfy duvetsto create a relaxing bedroom for yourself. Instead of spending on expensive bedsheets, look for simple patterned linenthat adds to the soothing effect of the room. If you’re looking to splurge a bit, invest in a luxurious floor rugso that your feet will touch a soft surface when you wake up in the mornings.

Top the bed with fat pillows of different textures and sizesfor that extra oomph of comfort. If you have a four posture, don’t hesitate to add a sheer canopy to it. It will instantly give a romantic feelto your bedroom! Regardless of whether you want to keep it simple or glamorous “the one rule of the bedroom is to create something lush in your home that you’re eager to go to every night!

Think AboutStylish Storage

Storage often tends to stand last in the list, when we think about bedroom decor ideas. But in fact, dedicated storage spaces are most important to keep things organised and minimal in the bedroom.

So, ensure you keep the vibe fun yet functionalwith cane basketsor comfy pouffes that have storage spaceto make your bedroom a clutter-free zone.Feel free to invest in a bright pastel or patterned laundry basketto prevent your clothes from piling up in the room. After all, who says laundry baskets can’t be stylish?

Add Accessories and Statement Pieces

Build up the small details of your bedroom with fun accessories andeven statement pieces that instantly draw the eyetowards a specific part of the room. Everything from a large mirror to a vintage headboard and a deco armchair works well.If you are hanging an art piece on the walls, a trick is to place some decor in front of it to create a fun aesthetic.

If you’re looking for options that are even lighter on the pocket, explore the world of fun DIYs!Use your mirror as a bedhead, knit pillow cases, or create some dreamcatchersto hang on the walls. Even simple hackssuch as sewinga lovely lace trim to the corners of the bedcoversor using bright tassels as a drawer handleon your nightstand goes a long way! The key here is to play to your creative strengths.

Bring the Greenery Inside

There’s a reason why every bedroom decor ideas list out there talks about adding plants to your room! It is the easiest and budget-friendly way to add bright colours as well as infuse fresh oxygen inside your bedroom.So, think about all the ways you can incorporate the joy of beautiful plants to your room.

If you have a balcony, fill it with every plant and flower that you’ve ever wanted to grow in a garden. But don’t worry if you don’t own one! Bring in money plants or fernsin your room and keep them where they can get ample sunlight.

For added effect, place these potted plants beside a mirror or on top of a cane stool.If you’re looking for low maintenanceplants, you can opt for cacti, aloe, pampas, and more. If nothing else, simply keep a vase with fresh flowers that you can change every other day.

We, at AshwinSheth Group, have given you the perfect guide to get you started on your bedroom decor. So, it is high time you get up that couch, use your imagination, and start remodelling! After all, there’s more to it than scrolling Pinterest, now isn’t it?

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